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To Spank or not to Spank?

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

From the very beginning, parents are faced with countless decisions.

What to eat when pregnant? What to name the bundle of joy? How to discipline with love?

When I was a grade 7 student, I was sent home from school with a survey for my parents to fill out. The school was interested in knowing which methods of discipline were being used at home. Interestingly enough, my mother left the survey blank. At that point in our household, there wasn’t any discipline to speak of, really. I was lucky, insofar as we simply “talked it out” whenever there was a problem. For some parents, however, the question is how to win the war without beating (literally!) the kids.

The next time you’re at your library, browse our collection for resources about parenting.

We’ve got hundreds of books, an enormous range of magazines, new DVDs, and an e-library filled with thousands of academic articles. We’ve even got free programs for your wee ones!

So, will you spank? Take away privileges? Impose a curfew? Talk things through? The way that you discipline your children could influence their mental and emotional health for years. Visit your library and make informed decisions about parenting.


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