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The Niceties of ESL Conversation Club

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Since Fall 2003, Mary Craig has contributed 165 hours to a number of volunteer programs at the Calgary Public Library. From ESL Conversation Club to Proctoring, her presence is felt across the system. However, what sets Mary apart is that she may be the nicest volunteer you will encounter at the Calgary Public Library.

In the ESL Conversation Club, Mary's pleasant demeanor makes her an extremely approachable individual. This is of the utmost importance in this program as a positive, nurturing environment helps participants to build confidence in their English language skills. Moreover, participants draw upon Mary’s devotion and loyalty to the program – bolstering their own enthusiasm. These traits, in conjunction with her extensive experience as a teacher, have proven invaluable to the ESL Conversation Club at the Central Library.

Yet to Mary, her motivations for volunteering are simple: it’s because she enjoys it. The volunteer opportunities at Calgary Public Library offer unique interactions with a variety of individuals; the happiness and enlightenment Mary derives from these interactions fuel her own passions. Mary Craig is the embodiment of a stellar volunteer. Through her commitment and contributions she has made a tremendous difference in the lives of others!

VESL Volunteer Highlights Fall 2009

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Memorial Park ESL Conversation Club - Pam and Linda center

The success of the ESL Conversation Club at the Calgary Public Library lies in the hands of its volunteers. It is through these individuals that we are capable of fostering a positive environment for new Calgarians. Pam Hansen and Linda Zaferis are two such individuals. Drawing upon her skills and experience as a teacher in New Zealand, Pam leads the Club with calm assurance. To her, the participants are an inspiration – their ability to persevere whilst adapting to a new environment and culture is unique. While Linda, with her fresh and effervescent personality is the perfect foil. Her openness and enthusiasm make the session’s fun for everyone. Linda comments that at times the participants are the actual teachers; their courage, tenacity, and humor in the face of adversity is something that we all can learn from. Both are a pleasure to work with and are passionately committed volunteers. Calgary Public Library, and Memorial Park, are extremely fortunate to have Pam and Linda as part of our Volunteer family.

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