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Literacy Tutoring

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Peter began volunteering with the Learning Advantage program in 2010. A lifelong volunteer, Peter’s one on one match with Shakila marked his first foray into literacy tutoring: “I have been fortunate in life and it seems that as far back as I can remember I have been a volunteer. It just seems right to give back. I'm getting on and found that some of my volunteer activities were getting a little too strenuous for me, heard about the Reading Advantage program and thought it might be something I could get involved with. It keeps me mentally active.”

The relationship and rapport that have developed between Peter and his learner is truly remarkable. Shakila appreciates his patience, understanding, kindness and encouragement. He marvels at her enthusiasm and commitment to learning. “I feel I get as much or more from the program than my student. Learning about another culture and helping my student to learn about ours. It definitely is a two-way street.”

Thanks Peter!

How volunteering impacts your life

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Peter has been a volunteer with CPL since 2000 over the years he has worked in a variety of volunteer roles:

"I was taken aback at the variety of the programs that volunteers are involved in at the library. I had been a volunteer literacy tutor with Bow Valley College for 10 years, when I decided that the Reading Advantage programme, working out of the Village Square branch, would be much closer to where I live. (So that makes over 20 years being involved in adult literacy).

I find that I am most buoyed when I can see direct results from my volunteering. This certainly has been the case with the Reading Advantage programme, where I know the programme has made life-long differences in others' lives.

As well as having volunteered with the Reading Advantage programme, I've been a Proctor for those sitting distance learning exams. Currently I'm involved with the Art Walks and Homebound Readers programmes.

There's always something new to volunteer for at the library!"

Thank you Peter, for being interested in trying new things and finding new ways to help your community.

Reading Advantage

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In the fall of 2010 the Reading Advantage program, one of the Calgary Public Library’s core literacy programs, celebrated ten years of helping adult literacy learners improve their reading and writing.

Using a student centered learning approach, Reading Advantage volunteers work one on one with adult learners to achieve an assortment of goals pertaining to reading and writing – getting a driver’s license, pursuing post-secondary education, improving employability and reading to a child. In addition to the measurable improvements to a Reading Advantage learner’s reading and writing abilities, the relationship and rapport that develops between volunteers and learners is truly immeasurable.

With the help of a Library volunteer, Maryon, has been working on improving her writing skills and is taking a writing class. For her class she has written an essay titled “A Public Library Card” where she talks about the Reading Advantage program at the library, and what it can do for adults looking to improve their reading and writing skills:

If you are interested in helping a learner like Maryon improve his or her literacy skills or know of an adult literacy learner who could benefit from the program, please contact the Reading Advantage program by telephone 403-260-2729 or email

To learn more about this program click here.

Reading Advantage- Volunteer Today!

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In Canada approximately 42% of adults have low literacy skills.

Reading Advantage is a literacy program which pairs volunteers and adults with low literacy skills, for a period of approximately one year. Volunteer coaches help participants develop basic reading and writing skills, experience the joys of reading, and pursue individual goals. A student-centred method is utilized to build upon each individual’s needs, strengths, learning styles and life experiences.

Help a person reach their full potential by volunteering for Reading Advantage!

We are currently looking for volunteers at Country Hills Library, Forest Lawn Library, Thorn Hill Library and Village Square Library.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program please contact Emily Robinson Leclair at 403-260-2729,

To learn more about this program click here.

Reading Advantage 10 year anniversary

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According to a comprehensive study by Statistics Canada over 40 per cent of Canadian adults do not have strong literacy skills.

This fall the Calgary Public Library’s adult literacy program, Reading Advantage, celebrates its ten year anniversary. Since the program’s inception, volunteers have helped hundreds of Calgarians improve their literacy skills.

Reading Advantage Volunteer Award winner (2009), Danielle, and her learner, Trevor, share the benefits of the program from both the volunteer and the learner perspective:

Trevor and I have been meeting for 5 years. We meet every Saturday at the library and work through various topics of interest. We both feel that the Reading Advantage Program has given us opportunities to grow. Trevor feels like he has enhanced his skills with computers, job searches and reading capabilities. I feel like this program has given me a new perspective of different learners and their needs. As an elementary school teacher, I am grateful to be able to work with a learner with differing needs and I believe this opportunity has improved my teaching skills. We both have a level of trust for one another and look forward to our meetings each week.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reading Advantage program, please contact Emily Robinson Leclair by telephone (403) 260-2729 or email

Notable Volunteers

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We would like to recognize both Ana Mullen, a learner in the Reading Advantage Program, and her mentor Reading Advantage volunteer Peter Cutting: Ana was the winner of the Literacy Alberta Stepping Stones Scholarship recognizing outstanding achievement and ongoing efforts of an adult learner; while, Peter was a nominee at the Volunteer Calgary Leadership Awards for the “Heart of Calgary” category for all his work in the Reading Advantage Program. Congratulations to you both!

Norma High, 35-year volunteer in the Libraries in Residence program was recognized as a nominee at the 2009 Outstanding Calgary Seniors Awards hosted by the Calgary Chapter Alberta Association on Gerontology. Congratulations Norma!

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