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Be a Reading Buddy

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Bring stories to life for students in Grades 1 to 3!

Photo by: Ted Rhodes, for Calgary Herald Neighbours

Are you a teen who wants to volunteer at the Library?

Reading Buddies encourage children to read, offer a supportive environment to develop strong literacy skills, and most importantly, make reading fun!

We are currently looking for Reading Buddies at the following locations and times:

Alexander Calhoun Library

Thursdays January 26th, to March 22nd; 4:00 to 5:15 pm

Glenmore Square Library

Tuesdays January 24th, to March 20th; 6:15 to 7:30 pm

Memorial Park Library

Tuesdays January 24th, to March 20th; 4:00 to 5:15 pm

Shagnappi Library

Tuesdays January 24th, to March 20th; 4:30 to 5:45 pm

If you are interested in signing up for this program, please contact Tammy at 403-221-2062, or Kim at 403-260-2709 today!

I volunteer because...

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I would like to volunteer because...

“I believe that volunteering for the wonderful Calgary Public Library would serve me and others as well for many reasons. The skills I have acquired over the years, for example my leadership skills from a teen leadership breakthrough course I took, will have use for these perfect volunteer opportunities! I believe that if I serve people by doing them good, they would spread this on to others as well. Also by volunteering, I am hoping to meet new wonderful faces and gain a friendly relationship with them over time, as well as become a part of the Calgary Public Library team!”

Jim Chen, Computer Buddies Youth Volunteer with the Calgary Public Library

To lear more about our Computer Buddies programs click here!

Forest Lawn's ESL Conversation Club

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Forest Lawn’s ESL Conversation Club has completed another successful run last month. Our great volunteers led an enthusiastic group of ESL students through the last eight weeks! The ESL Conversation Club wrapped up on December 8 with a fabulous potluck supper. Italian appetizers of Brushetta and Italian salamis and spicy Sicilian Olives whet their appetites. The students and their coaches both enjoyed homemade Chinese Pork dumplings, crispy Vietnamese Spring rolls and divine Sri Lankan Fried Rice with fresh ginger and cardamom, and other great rice and noodle dishes. Rich Canadian Chili added a local touch to the event. Our students had a great time both throughout the duration of the class and – if laughter and talk is any indication – the roundup was a huge success!

We're currently looking for ESL Conversation Club Volunteers at Central and Memorial Park Libraries for afternoons, and evenings at Saddletowne and Shaganappi Libraries.

Our Volunteers

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Thank you Evelyn for coming into the Library to help the Calgary Public Library Foundation with their activities!

Happy International Volunteer Day

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In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly established International Volunteer Day (IVD) to commemorate the contributions and dedication of volunteers worldwide. Today, IVD is celebrated globally, by volunteers, voluntary organizations and by all those who benefit directly from the endless help of the volunteer.

In the last year our close to 1800 Calgary Public Library volunteers contributed over 38,000 hours to improving literacy, computer skills, language skills, career development and more for thousands of Calgarians.

Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time to helping their fellow Calgarians at the Library!

To find out how you can help at your library, take a look at our Volunteer Opportunities.

Positively Inspiring

by Christine P - 1 Comment(s)

A positive, friendly and caring individual, Jennifer Kot has been a volunteer with the TD Read With Me program at Calgary Public Library since 2006. In the TD Read With Me program, volunteers mentor children one-on-one to help develop their literacy skills and interest in reading. Jennifer has been working with her current buddy, Terence, since September 2009. She states, ‘It’s a really rewarding way to spend an hour each week. Every week, I see him make small improvements but his overall progress across the past few years is astounding. He’s worked really hard and it’s been fun’.

Terence will graduate from the program at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. ‘Jen’s a good tutor and she’s helping me read better’, he states. ‘She’s patient and doesn’t get upset easily’.

Terence’s mom, Cindy, also shared her impressions:

‘Jen has been an excellent mentor and taught Terence that reading can be fun. She introduced him to different types of reading materials and games to help engage his interest. She is very patient with him and kind. Terence has a wonderful sense of humour and Jen has really tapped into that. Her help has been a huge boost for his self-esteem. I believe that because of her influence, Terence will be a life-long reader. The program is a great idea and I’d like to encourage more people to volunteer for it because it makes a huge difference and changes kids’ lives.’

Thank you, Jennifer, for all your hard work and amazing dedication and contributions to the TD Read With Me program!

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