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The History of War

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

The history of humankind is violent, to be sure. War - no matter its scale - has impacted nearly every society, at every time period. What is its function, and why (even though we decry its horrors) do we keep engaging in it?

Come to the library for an informative series of programs about war.

History of War on Wednesday May 5

Origins of World War II on Wednesday May 12

The Battle of Normandy on Friday June 4

The format of these programs varies from lecture to simulation board game, to multimedia presentation. To find out more, please visit our website.

We Should Know Each Other!

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I met Mark Hopkins at the Glenbow Museum a few months ago.

After a noon-hour talk about face-to-face meetings and what they can help us accomplish, the speaker asked whether the audience had any questions, comments, or general feedback.

Mark stood up and talked briefly about his “We Should Know Each Other” parties. They’re events that are open to anyone, hosted by Mark Hopkins himself, a self described community builder.

This Saturday, Mark will host his 50th such gathering. All are welcome, and you can expect to meet a huge array of Calgarians – activists, politicians, artists, and everyone else! It’s your chance to get out there, broaden your social circle, make new connections and flex the social muscles that wither with too much screen time.

Join the party and meet your newest friends! Check out the links for more information!

We Should Know Each Other (Facebook event)

We Should Know Each Other (article from FFWD)


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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At my favourite thrift store last year, I was beckoned by a T-Shirt featuring a shamrock and boldly declaring: “Kiss me, I’m Irish”. I knew that I had to have it! I also knew that it would lay in wait for almost a year, until March 17th, whereupon I could unearth it and wear it proudly – if only for a few short hours.

But, what is the significance of the shamrock? Who is St. Patrick and why is he celebrated? For the answers to these questions, I turned to one of my favourite databases, World Folklore and Folklife Today.

Is there a custom, festival, mythological character, celebration or folktale that you’d like to know more about? Would you like to impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of Irish history and lore – (over a pint of green beer, of course)?

Use this wonderfully comprehensive database to find out more!

From our e-library, select Social Sciences and Education. From there, select World Folklore and Folklife Today. Browse by subject, geographical region or folktale and you’ll find that you’ve got access to hundreds of full length books!


Celebrate International Women's Day with CPL!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

I love the women in my family! They are educated and hard working, they travel, they are wonderful mothers and aunts, and above all, they have left me a legacy of independence. I was raised knowing that I could do anything I wanted – regardless of my gender – and I still believe it. This year, when I celebrate International Women’s Day, I’ll think about the women in my family who paved the way for me.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Calgary Public Library! Join us for a free catered lunch and a panel discussion about women, success and equality. There’s still time to register, so don’t miss this unique event!

For more information, please see the following:

International Women’s Day at Calgary Public Library

Mind, Body, Spirit Weekend

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

In the Western world, humans are typically thought of as being tripartite – having discrete minds, bodies and spirits. Many spiritual and even philosophical traditions regard humans in this way. Here at the Central library, we’re celebrating wellness with an entire weekend dedicated to programs for your mind, body and spirit.

Join us on March 6th and 7th, for programs about yoga, birth, reiki, meditation, Buddhism and much more! Last year these programs were very popular, so register today! For more information, see our program guide.

Happy Valentine's Day!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Just who is St. Valentine, anyway? The cynic in me suspects that he’s the patron saint of heart-shaped candy, cupid decorations and dinner reservations. But, I can’t give that answer to a customer…

Here at the Calgary Public Library, we answer all sorts of questions. Recently, a question arrived through our Ask A Question service, and it was “Who is Saint Valentine?” Here’s how we’ll look for the answer:

First, we’ll look through our catalogue. We’ll search for books on St. Valentine, as well as holidays and saints.

Then, we may turn to our e-library and browse our databases. One of my favourites is World Folklore and Folklife Today.

We may then use our encyclopedias - both print and electronic. We’ll use these to find succinct overviews from reputable, authoritative sources.

We may even use our list of best websites, to see what information is freely available online.

So…here’s the scoop on St. Valentine’s Day:

Its origins are murky, as there were several people by the name of Valentine, in early Christianity. The holiday may even be related to a Roman feast of fertility, which would have pre-dated Christianity. Handmade Valentine’s cards have been exchanged since the 17th century (well before the advent of Hallmark!), but it’s not certain whether these commemorated a saint’s bravery, or the love of a prisoner for a jailor’s daughter, or a priest’s stand against a Roman emperor. All of these stories are related to Valentine’s Day.

No matter who St. Valentine may have been, why not take the opportunity to celebrate February 14th by making cards for your friends or loved ones? Our poetry and craft books may be just the inspiration you need!

Until next time, this blogger can be found eating large quantities of heart-shaped chocolates…

Happy Valentine's Day!

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