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Picture Perfect Parties

by Lorrie - 0 Comment(s)

Since we are heading into a season with some serious celebrating you may want to check out some books about putting on the best party on the block. Some people are known for their ability to throw fabulous parties and luckily they are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us. Why not check out some party books to give your New Year’s bash that little extra something.

Picture Perfect Parties by Annette Joseph gives you multiple ideas to plan that perfect party. A step-by-step book is always nice when you want to put on a fabulous party for your closest friends. Picture Perfect Parties gives you step-by-step instruction for creating the kind of party you really want. It tells you what kind of food and drinks you should serve, how to set the table and decorate the house. Everything is done with the budget conscious in mind including using household items to decorate.

The idea behind this book is to make your party fabulous without tons of money or labour involved. The recipes are tested, simple, delicious and easy to make. Planning is key to having a successful event with helpful suggestions like setting the table a day ahead and choosing recipes that can be cooked ahead.

Martha Stewart was one of the first to create a book for entertaining that pulls together planning, decorating and recipes with your own sense of style. The word entertaining took on a whole new look when Martha Stewart came out with her book Entertaining and now you can find many good books on how to put together a memorable gathering. Martha has a newer title called Martha's Entertaining with updated ideas and a more easy going style.

Simple Stunning Parties at Home by Karen Bussen is another title that offers no-fuss entertaining while showcasing your personal style. All these books present themed detailed plans for parties throughout the year that give you tableware to lighting as well as food and decorating. Personally the food will make or break a dinner party no matter how great the decorating is but if you can have a fun innovative party theme and great food you will have everyone talking about your parties.