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Sneak Peek: Sustainable Living Book Club, January – April, 2011

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I was just flipping through our new program guide, and the titles for our Sustainable Living Book Club caught my eye. Starting in January 2011, the club will meet once per month, and will discuss the following books:

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver
  • The Spirit Level, by Richard Wilkinson
  • A Short History of Progress, by Ronald Wright
  • The Nature of Design, by David Orr

All meetings take place on Wednesday evenings, and are great opportunities to meet new friends and folks who are interested in environmental issues and green living. Call 260-2600 for more information, and to register for any of our free programs.

The Best Gift in the City!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Not sure what to give that special someone in your life? Consider a Calgary Public Library card!

A Calgary Public Library card is the best deal in the city! For adults, an annual membership is only $12 and allows members to access books, new DVDs (and Blu-Rays!), a huge range of music and tons of free programs. It’s also a subscription to The Calgary Herald and The Calgary Sun. It’s access to one of the most highly rated language learning software products on the market today, and thousands of e-books and audio-books. It’s two hours of internet access every day, within any branch in the city. It’s the ability to borrow up to 99 items at any given time, and to have them delivered to the branch of your choice.

I could go on and on about the benefits of library membership, but I won’t. I’ll just put it to you this way:

A world of information and ideas...or another vanilla scented candle. You decide!

Get a Jump on the Christmas Season!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Okay, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this in November, but...

The Christmas season can cause an inordinate amount of stress. We’ve got to manage family visits, cooking and baking, decorating and gift giving – and all while trying to survive in less than ideal weather conditions, and while wearing ever tightening pants.

Get a jump on your to-do list and you’ll have more time to relax, as the day approaches.

The Calgary Public Library is a great place to begin! We’ve got tons of books and magazines about decorating, a huge repository of Martha Stewart’s tips and tricks, and an enormous collection dedicated to cooking. We make our Christmas books and music available well before the holiday, too!

So, put to together a master playlist of Christmas music, decide on a menu, and get this season under your firm control!

Ask our information desk staff where to find music, cookbooks, decorating magazines, and information about the history and traditions associated with Christmas.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? We’ve got lots of information and resources about other major holidays and festivals, too.

And be sure to browse through our programs! We've got holiday themed programs for children and adults, and festive live music throughout the month of December.

Use it or Lose it!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

We’ve all heard that without regular physical and mental exercise, our muscles and minds can atrophy. I’d like to suggest that the same is true of public libraries.

If you want to ensure that your Calgary Public Library system remains a priority in the eyes of our new city council, the best thing you can do is to use the library! Renew that old library card, join a free program, and borrow to your heart’s content! Make sure to cruise our website, too. Here’s why $12 per year (the cost of an adult library card) is the best deal in town:

  • It pays for your subscription to the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun.
  • We’re getting new DVDs all the time! Feature films, documentaries, TV series, and more! Borrow up to 30 at one time!
  • Programs are free! Interested in painting, or small claims court, or playing chess? We’ve got a huge variety of programs for people of all ages, and in a variety of world languages.
  • We’ve got stuff you’ve never heard of! Seriously. Browse our art and music collections. No matter how savvy you already are, you’ll find something you’ve never heard of, here.
  • Learning is free! Check out schools around Calgary, and you’ll find that art, music and languages classes are not inexpensive. Instead, come to the library and get started learning something new. How do you cook a turkey? Should you work with oils or acrylics? What are some basic Italian words that all travellers should know? Your library card pays for the answers...
  • Your children are worth it. Children who master their language at a young age are empowered. Being able to read and write allows for creative expression, and an increased sense of self esteem. When your children are young, they will learn to read. But, for the reminder of their lives, they will have to read to learn. Visit the library and expose your children to the wealth of options that lie within. We have storytime programs, youth book clubs, and librarians who are thrilled to make suggestions (and we’re betting that the part-time Christmas staffers at Indigo are not as invested in your child’s literacy skills as we are...).

An adult can enjoy all these benefits and more for only $1 per month. Come on, Calgary: use your library!

Split Happens!

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

It’s now common knowledge that almost 50% of Canadian marriages end in divorce.

There are all sorts of explanations for this statistic, including biological, psychological, and economic. Whether through infidelity, a mutual parting of ways, or the realization that people 30 years into a marriage are not who they were on their wedding night, “split happens”.

This point was made especially clear to me when I recently attended my 10-year high school reunion to find that several of the people there had already been married and divorced!

If you’re facing the divorce process, you’re not alone!

Join us at the Central Library on Tuesday December 7th, for Law at Your Library: Separation and Divorce, presented by Calgary Legal Guidance. Learn about the legal issues and processes of separation and divorce in Alberta.

The Dirt on Detox

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Last year, I gave in to the trend and subjected my body to the daunting “Master Cleanse”. I would lose weight, feel better, rid my body and mind of a host of nasty accretions, and possibly even thwart cancer cells. After reading a variety of literature and visiting an organic grocery, I was ready.

With nearly 30 organic Meyer lemons, a bottle of pure maple syrup, and lots of cayenne pepper, I was ready to detoxify.

Two weeks (and by “two weeks”, I mean 11 and a half days) later, I didn’t see any improvement.

Did I do something improperly? Quit too soon? Or, could it be that cleansing is bunk?

I’m not ready to dismiss detoxing outright. After all, cleansing and fasting are important aspects of many religious and spiritual traditions. Surely there must be some benefit?

If you’re curious about cleansing and detoxing, then join us December 8th at Central or December 2nd at Country Hills, when naturopathic doctor Gayle Maguire will give a presentation entitled “The Dirt on Detox”. Arm yourself with more education on the how, why, and what to avoid in a cleanse.

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