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Gay Pride 2010!

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Every year, in every high school, a girl will attend her prom with a gay date. Well, I was that girl, and my date was - and still is - a dear friend of mine. This post is for you, Joseph!

On September 5, celebrate diversity by marching in Calgary’s Gay Pride parade! Whether you’re gay or not, come downtown and show your support for equality, freedom, and choice.

Although drag queens and other colourful characters give the parade an air of frivolity, participating is actually a political act. Get “beglittered”, dig up that old feather boa, and then show your government, your neighbours, and your children that you believe relationships and families come in many wonderful forms.

For more information about the festivities, visit the Pride Calgary website.

Additionally, visit your local library! We have books to help gay couples improve their sex lives; books to help parents understand their gay children; books about the history of the gay rights movement. We also subscribe to several local GLBTQ magazines.

Don’t be shy about borrowing these materials. After all, some of our staff members are gay!

On September 14, join us at the Fish Creek branch for "Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride".

Happy Pride, to one and all!


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Is there anything more beautiful than a naked man? Perhaps only a naked woman.

Desmond Morris is an Oxford educated writer and filmmaker who has just published a new book, The Naked Man.

Prior to his latest effort, Morris wrote both The Naked Ape and The Naked Woman.

The Naked Man and The Naked Woman are close examinations of the human body – part by part, literally from head to toe. Along the way, readers discover fascinating information pertaining to both biology and culture. In fact, Morris transitions from an anatomical lens to a cultural one so easily, that these titles read as love songs to the human body, rather than text books. If you’ve got an interest in anatomy, art, body modification, gender or biology, check out these interesting, readable books.

Hubba, Hubba!

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Several years into a relationship, the sublime can give way to the mundane. You easily predict your partner’s actions and reactions; a comfortable pattern can soon become a rut. Why not spice things up with a trip to the library? No, I’m not suggesting a little make-out session behind a bookshelf (although you wouldn’t be the first!). Check out our collection. We’ve got all sorts of materials that are sure to keep things interesting!

  • Borrow a romance novel! Theses formulated fantasies are even better when you’re not hiding them from your mother!
  • Borrow a book about relationships! Gather advice about how you can be more caring, patient, compassionate, and thoughtful. Maintaining a successful relationship takes work and creativity, so don’t hesitate to refer to these books, if you need guidance.
  • Borrow some romantic music! Calgary Public Library has a huge range of music, so whether it’s jazz or heavy metal that sets your heart aflutter, set the mood.
  • Borrow a book about sex! Teach the “old dog” in your life a new trick or two!

Want more romance in your life? Visit the Calgary Public Library! We’ve got everything you need, but the candlesticks!

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