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If Women Ruled the World...

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

If women ruled the world, what would the world look like? Just think about it.

I envision a world wherein free childcare is provided by governments, there are fewer or no violent crimes, and women’s ways of knowing are celebrated as valid, useful, and sacred.

What do you imagine?

If you’re feeling inspired, or searching for some inspiration, visit the Art Gallery of Calgary for an exhibit called If Women Ruled the World, featuring works by renowned feminist artist, Judy Chicago.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Chicago’s works, browse our catalogue for “Judy Chicago”, and you’ll find all sorts of titles about Chicago’s decades-spanning work. She’s considered the Mother of Feminist Art, and her “Dinner Party” is, in large part, the reason why. Why not learn more about it?

If you’re interested in women, feminism, gender, contemporary art, or textiles, don’t miss this exhibit! It’s your opportunity to see the work of a living feminist legend, right here in Calgary!

If Women Ruled the World opens September 25th. For more information:

Art Gallery of Calgary

Judy Chicago


I Love I Love Lucy!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

If you haven’t ever watched an episode of I love Lucy, then you’ve “got some ‘splaining to do!”

This show is an absolute classic! Lucille Ball’s comic genius shines in slapstick scenes, and her ability to manipulate her facial expressions and body language never fails to delight. Zany and unpredictable, Lucy is the perfect foil for Ricky, her uptight husband. In nearly every episode, Lucy has some sort of scheme that inevitably goes awry. The comedic tension is a result of her trying to either remedy or lie about the situation, while Ricky investigates.

I love Lucy is harmless, and a welcome reprieve from the sometimes vulgar comedies that air these days. I have shown episodes to the ESL students whom I teach, and the inmates at the Calgary Remand Centre, where I sometimes visit to promote the library and its resources. Among both groups, I Love Lucy was universally enjoyed.

Why not mix up your regular routine and borrow an I Love Lucy DVD today?

Bodies, by Susie Orbach

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Given the title “Bodies”, it was difficult to predict what the content of this short book would be. I suspected that it might be something along the lines of our bodies being regarded as commodities, and the harmful effects that media has on our collective self-image and self-esteem. Bodies did cover this ground, but it delved much deeper into all sorts of psychological issues. No small task for this slim paperback!

Orbach is a psychoanalyst, and as such, has a unique and considered voice in the dialogue about bodies. She holds neither men nor women responsible for our current state of widespread bodily anxiety; there is no hint of judgment, whatsoever. Moreover, she manages to raise considerable and warranted alarm, without sounding shrill.

Bodies advances two arguments: that there is no “natural” body, and that bodies are made, and not born.

At times astonishing, at times tragic, this unflinching book is for all those who have ever struggled with body issues, anxieties or distresses, and yet suspect that there is a more complex, deeply rooted problem at work, than digitally re-touched advertisements or the big, bad diet industry.

I sincerely recommend it for all those who have a body!

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