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Man Who Would Be King 1975

Based on the popular short story by Rudyard Kipling and directed by John Huston, this is one of my all time favorite adventure movies. Michael Caine and Sean Connery are ex soldiers of the British Raj who set out to try their luck in distant Kafiristan. They make a solemn oath not to return until one or both of them have become kings. Along the way they amass wealth to satisfy all dreams of avarice, but it is still not enough. Stunning scenery, excellent performances and a tremendous story- this movie has it all!

Horatio Hornblower 1999

This Emmy winning series from A&E follows the adventures of Horatio during the Napoleonic War. The young 17 year old midshipman rises quickly through the ranks of the British navy, proving himself again and again. Ioan Gruffudd (The Fantastic Four) is perfect as the swashbuckling hero in this highly watchable series. Although each episode is complete unto itself, they do build on each other, so watch in this order: The Duel,Fireships, Duchess, Wrong War, Mutiny, Retribution, Loyalty and Duty.



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