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It has been two months since I have added any titles to this particular group of posts, so grab the popcorn, corral the kids and sit down to watch something with the whole family. The first 5 titles are for an older group (8-15 or so) as they can be a little intense and scary in spots, but having said that, they are still embarrassment free.

Jumanji 1995

Starring the ever versatile Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt and Kirsten Dunst of the Spiderman triology. This movie is loads of fun, and even though the CGI are almost 15 years old, they still stand up well.

Holes 2003

With a strong cast featuring Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight and Shia Lebeouf and based on the very popular story by Louis Sachar. Wrongfully convicted, a young boy is sent to a detention camp, where for some unexplicable reason he and the other detainees are set the task of digging holes all day long. Why? Watch and see the reason unfold.

Rabbit Proof Fence

Now that the poster has caught your attention, settle in with this true story of courage, defiance and unbelievable determination. From 2003 this tells the story of three Australian aboriginal girls taken by the governement (circa 1931) to be trained as domestic servants. Parents- the next time you think that your kids are standing on your last nerve, or kids, when you can't believe how annoying your parents are, remember this movie. What they go through to be reunited is the stuff that love is made of.

Oliver 1968

This musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic story was a multi nominated, multi winner in its day---winning Oscars, BAFTAS and Golden Globes, to name a few. It has wonderful music and lyrics, great sets and Dicken's trademark panoply of characters, including a very evil and menacing Bill Sykes as portrayed by Oliver Reed.

Stardust 2007

Somewhere in a little English town there is a wall---that no one in the town has ever crossed. Until one night when a young man sees a star fall and vows to the town beauty that he will retrieve it for her. And thus he enters the magical kindgom of Stormhold.

Now for the the younger crowd (but maybe you can entice the older kids as well), consider:

Chicken Run2000 - this claymation story is about a barnyard full of chickens who begin to realize that when the farmer comes to take them away they aren't necessarily going to a better place. They devise a plot to escape their fate.

Honey I shrunk the kids and Honey I Blew up the Kid- lots of fun from Disney and Rick Moranis. The titles pretty much say it all.

Shrek 1-2-3 is there anyone out there who hasn't seen this marvelous series? If it somehow escaped your movie radar, pick up any of the three (although the first two are the better) and be prepared to be royally entertained.


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