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I've gone into my movie memory banks to pull out a few of the following titles. Little older, and they don't turn up on television too often, so they might have escaped your movie radar.

The Flintstones ---1994 A live action film based on the 60's cartoon, this is a lot of fun. Many recognizable faces including John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Kyle MacLachlan, Halle Berry, Rosie O'Donnell and even a cameo by Elizabeth Taylor. The sets are quite ingenious, and there are many cultural references for the adults to enjoy.

Fern Gully---now here is an old one from 1992 that was one of my favorites to watch with my children. Timely then, and even more so now, it tells the story of a rain forest under seige from a lumber company.

Black Knight is great fun, but does have 2 very brief scenes that are a little suggestive. Given that this post is supposed to be embarrasment free I momentarily hesitated adding this title; but it works so well and has such good overall value that I thought I'd add it and just give you a heads up. A modern day theme park attendant is transported back to medieval England.

If you are one of the few people who hasn't yet seen Wall E, treat yourself to this 2008 release from Pixar. This is an absolute joy of a movie---you will fall in love with Wall E and EVA. We have dozens of copies and the number of holds are way down from where they were a few months ago.

Freaky Friday--- we have both versions of this; the 1976 with a very young Jodi Foster, and the 2003 with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. I'm not too much of a Lohan fan, but she does a good job here, and Curtis strikes just the right note when she plays the teenage daughter. Mom and daughter exchange bodies and really get to understand what it's like to be in someone elses shoes.

City of Ember from 2008---story of a civilization that has been forced to live underground for the last 200 years and is now trying to regain the surface as their power supply starts to fail. This movie has a great look to it- muted colors that capture the feel of their failing light source; rag tag clothing where everything has been mended and remended; hobbled together contraptions that display the inhabitants ingenuity.With Bill Murray and Tim Robbins, I quite enjoyed this.


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