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Two by Trollope

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It's fall, so my fancy turns to thoughts of costume drama. Don't overlook these two BBC adaptations of novels by Anthony Trollope:

He Knew He Was Right (2004)

Louis Trevelyan, who marries lovely Emily from the colonies, finds her visited once too often by her father's friend, played by Bill Nighy. The Colonel with dubious intentions drives a wedge between the newlyweds, driving Louis to extremes. So convinced of his wife's infidelity, he banishes her and her sister to the countryside and himself to Italy. Sympathy turns to Emily when Louis' madness leads him to seize their child. Victorian social conventions conflict with personal desire throughout the 2-part film.

The Way We Live Now (2001)

Trollope's insights into how mercantile classes conduct themselves is as relevant today as it was in 1875. Compulsive gambling, fraudulent investment schemes, financial dependence, and old and new money swirl about as we watch dictatorial and Continental Augustus Melmotte encourage speculation in a new North American railroad and win a place in London society while his petulant daughter looks for love and independence. Watching these great character actors in action, I wonder why we need Hollywood celebrities.

Posted: Sep 09 2009



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