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Children with Questionable Existences

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As this is my first post, not only as a 'Movie Maniac' but also in the history of all time, I will keep it short. Moe wrote about El Orfanato-The Orphanageback in October, and as this film came highly recommended from others I put it on hold... and waited.

But wait. There's more.

I soon forgot that I had requested the movie and picked up a few others to watch. Among them was Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) directed by Otto Preminger and adapted from the novel of the same name byEveyln Piperwho is also known as Marryam Modell.

As an aside, my youngest sister respectfully declined my invitation to watch the movie after realizing that it was in black and white and had 'funny' music.

I encourage you to look past all this and borrow Bunny Lake Is Missing as well as El Orphanato and The Children of Men(starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen). In addition to a very 'deja vu' connection between Bunny Lake Is Missing and El Orphanato these three films share an interesting theme involving children with questionable existences. As in... do they exist? will they exist? have they ever existed?

Julianne Moore's other film The Forgotten also follows this formula and coincidently enough has a trailer in the Bunny Lake Is Missing previews. Unfortunately the Calgary Public Library currently does not have any copies of this one, but rest assured there are more in our collection to choose from. The Changelingfrom 2008 comes to mind as does other variations of the questionable existence theme such as The Sixth Sense. As a further aside, Bunny Lake Is Missing is supposedly up for a remake. See IMDB for more information about the new production.

So just to recap Bunny Lake Is Missing shares an interesting connection to El Orphanato, see if you can find out what I am refering to, the previews of which feature The Forgotten starring Julianne Moore who also appears in The Children of Men.

If you're in the mood for some existential suspense give these a try.


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