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Speaking Polish and German, mastering a dozen different accents, learning to play the violin by practicing 6 hours a day, rowing through white water, gaining and loosing weight seemingly at will---there seems to be very little that Streep can't do. At age 12 she studied to become an opera singer and she can be heard singing in several of her performances---Postcards from the Edge, Mamma Mia, A Prairie Home Companion. She became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. She gave a breakout performance in her first outing in 1977's Julia and the next year was nominated for her first Oscar in The Deer Hunter (1978). She went on to win the Academy Award for her performances in Kramer vs Kramer (1979) and Sophies Choice (1982). She is one of only 6 women to ever receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the AFI. She has been nominated for Academy Awards more than anyone else in the history of the Oscars---15 times; 12 for best actress and 3 times for best supporting. She is the actor with the most Golden Globe nominations of all time with a total of 23 nominations. She has only been turned down for four roles: in American Gigolo (1980), Sweet Dreams (1985), The Remains of the day (1993), and Elizabeth I (1998). There are far too many other awards, nominations and honours to mention here and her list of film credits would take pages. If you wish to find out everything Meryl follow this link to the highly informative IMDB site.

Meryl is very well represented at CPL. To see everything we have of her's do a keyword search of Meryl Streep Dvd from our homepage, which will bring up an impressive 33 titles (incidentially this search technique will work for any other actor). To help you narrow Meryl down, the following are my own personal favorites, although in my opinion she doesn't get many wrong.

Postcards From the Edge; Silkwood; Sophie's Choice; Cry in the Dark; Deer Hunter; Out of Africa; River Wild; Doubt; Defending your Life; Manchurian Candidate; We are also in the process of acquiring her latest, Julie and Julia.


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