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Tips on browsing the foreign language dvd collection

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Searches by specific movie title or keywords are the most effective ways of finding a dvd, but many CPL customers ask how to browse for multilanguage dvds in the catalogue.

In the search field, enter "dvd" and the language of choice. eg. dvd french

If you are searching for French language dvds, be aware that you will get many results that appear to be erroneous. In fact, many of our English language dvds have French subtitles or dubbing options and they will appear in a general search result.

Try entering the word dvd followed by the language name eg. dvd hindi. We have Russian, Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Farsi, Korean and Vietnamese dvds. You will get a list of dvds in Hindi. Click on the catalogue record tab of one result and you will see listed every language available on that particular dvd. You can also use this tab when looking at English language dvd titles.

Tagalog language dvds are listed as DVD Pilipino. No "H."

Because the Chinese language dvds are catalogued using Pin Yin (English transliteration), it helps to know the title of the movie in English. For example "Chinese Ghost Story." Try entering keywords or an actor or director's name (eg. Zhang Yimou) when searching.

Feel free to ask for assistance at the library.

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