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Foyle'd Again

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Michael Kitchen is back as DCS Christopher Foyle of the Hastings police department just after the war in the Pacific. Three dvds are available (part of set 6): The Russian House, Killing Time, and The Hide. Fans of the series will be glad to see the quiet, slightly melancholic detective back in action. Foyle's trademark raised eyebrow speaks volumes as he confronts members of the intelligence service and prejudice while seeking to expose murderers. Disillusioned Foyle is determined to leave the police force, but his resignation is refused as there is no staff to replace him, so he reluctantly continues.

The first dvds in the series exposed viewers to daily life and moral quandaries in war-time England. In post-war Hastings, new challenges appear such as lack of food, housing, and employment, and displaced persons. Women find themselves alone with children born to visiting soldiers, conscientious objectors and traitors return home, and developers are keen to build on the wreckage of the recent past.

These three dvds were as compelling as the previous ones in the series. If you're not yet a fan, catch up on the earlier episodes, listed in order on I'm hoping for at least one more episode as Foyle has gone stateside.



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