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I actually had to take some time to watch some GEF to have some new offerings. So having done this for the past few months, may I suggest the following;

Get Smart- there are a few instances where this strays from guaranteed embarrassment free, but it's a good bet, especially for about 10 and up. The airplane bathroom scene is hilarious and Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway have excellent chemistry. Or try the original series, which if nothing else will either evoke howls of laughter or fond memories over the 60's clothing.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief---I actually liked this one quite a bit- good story with likeable characters, and the best Medusa ever. Based on the very popular book series by Rick Riordan.

Nanny McPhee---this has become very popular again as always happens when a sequel is about to be released. It is a good bet for everyone and Emma Thompson did an excellent job as writer and lead. Blu ray also.

Harry and the Hendersons-an oldie but a goodie from 1987, new to CPL. This is for the entire family---a funny, gentle and kind movie.

Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels in RV---somewhat formulaic but still worth a few good laughs.

Second Hand Lions---nice coming of age story with Haley Joel Osmont, Michael Caine and Robert Duval.

Ice Age--- any of the 1 2 3 releases are good, with Dawn of the Dinosaurs being the best (providing you can stand Ray Ramano's rather whiny voice).

Clash of the Titans is great fun but will be way to intense for young ones. Save this version for a teen movie night. And have a look at the original from 1981---a lot less violent and still lots of fun.

Bridge to Terabithia---friendship abounds in this film version of the popular book.

Captain Blood---I do like my pirate movies and long before Johnny and Orlando were swashbuckling across the big screen, the best of the best was Errol Flynn. This is a great movie (black and white of course) and stands the test of time. While you're at it have a look at the Sea Hawk. And why not make it an Errol Flynn trifecta and watch the Adventures of Robin Hood---the fight between Basil Rathbone and Flynn is still regarded as one of the greatest sword fights ever put down on film.


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