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No particular theme here, just a random listing of movies I really like and recommend as a good way to spend a few hours.

About a boy---an engaging movie about a man in serious need of some growing up.

With one of Movie Maniacs favourite go-to guys Michael Caine, we have Zulu from 1964. This is a very well told story of outnumbered and beseiged British soldiers doing battle with Zulu warriors in the 1800's..

From 1995 the highly fictionalized story of Scotish anti-hero Rob Roy. With Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange. Blu-Ray also.

Fried Green Tomatoes- based on Fannie Flagg's delightful story (told in flashbacks) about the enduring friendship between two depression era women.

Shanghai Noon---lots of fun with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in a wild west setting. If you aren't familiar with Chan's antics, this is a great introduction- you will not believe how fast this guy can move. We also have the sequel Shanghai Knights which isn't as good as the first (few sequels are), but still okay. I very seldom watch the out-takes from movies, but take the few extra minutes to watch these.

Black Narcissus--- from 1947 and part of the Criterion Collection. Featuring Deborah Kerr playing a missionary nun sent to establish a school in the Himalayas. This won an Oscar for best cinematography and it is stunning.

by Moe


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