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Best Westerns V: Yahoo!

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Here's a couple more western favorites in time for Stampede.

Either version of 3:10 to Yuma is great but I particularly enjoy the 2007 version with Christian Bale. What can't he do? The suspens is great as we wait to see if he makes it on the train---and the color and pacing of the film is perfect.

Don't forget the great tv westerns of the 1950s. I was surpised by how contemporary the characterizations are in Gunsmoke, which also has the famous and cracking good theme song. Miss Kitty is a strong, experienced woman and that's just okay with Marshall Dillon who's a sensitive fellow. It makes Mad Men look like a throwback,

although I'll probably have to get out of Dodge for saying, so. Don't shoot me!

by Mel


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