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The 6th Degree

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Sometimes I go crazy playing mini games of “Kevin Bacon is the Center of the Universe” inside my head. Only I never start with Kevin Bacon, because honestly, he creeps me out a little.

(too creepy!!!)--->

Instead, I start with someone I’m totally obsessing over at that moment. For example: Emma Stone.

And here we go!

Emma Stone is starring in the new re-hash of Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield, who was in The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg who was in Zombieland with Woody Harrelson who was in Defendor with Kat Dennings who’s Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Co-Star, Michael Cera, was in Juno with Ellen Page who has been in two movies with Rainn Wilson (Juno and Super), who was in The Rocker with Emma Stone.

I know I could have killed that twice since Emma Stone was ALSO in Zombieland with Jesse Eisenberg, AND in Superbad with Michael Cera… but I try to keep it going until I think of an obscure movie to end with. I also like to see the patterns, like the fact that three of the movies I mentioned are about superheroes (or people who THINK they're superheroes), that people FREQUENTLY confuse Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg due to their similar dead-pan and awkward delivery styles, and that Zombieland and Adventureland, both starring Eisenberg, came out in the same year.

Now Adventureland also stars Kristen Stewart, whose rumoured relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson has been fodder for rags for over three years… Pattinson was in Harry Potter with… Okay, okay. I’ll stop. But it’s totally a riot. We’d LOVE to see the 6 Degrees of Separation you guys come up with!

by guest blogger Alex-

A Hitchcock blonde and the rise of the Vietnamese nail salons

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Depending on your age you may or may not know who Tippi Hedren is. I used to think she was famous for two things- one, for being the mother of Melanie Griffith (which would have meant more back in the early 90's when Mel was the blonde du jour), but mostly for being the star of one of Alfred Hitchcock's best thrillers ---The Birds.

Turns out she is famous for a third thing. Back in the 70's Miss Hedren made a visit to a tent city in California that housed Vietnamese refugees. She was eager to see if she could improve their lives in anyway. She went decked out in full Hollywood couture, including scarlet fingernails. As the story goes, the women had never seen anything like this and were quite captivated, so the star brought in her own manicurist to give them the full treatment. Turns out though that they didn't want the manicure, they wanted to learn the technique.

What started out as a group of 20 women trained by Hedren's personal manicurist ended up a full-on going concern. These women were soon joined by another wave- the Vietnamese 'boat people' who risked life and limb fleeing in boats after the fall of Saigon in 1975. They trained more women who trained their relatives, who trained their relatives and so on and so on. No other group of immigrants have transformed a single industry as radically as the Vietnamese boat people did with nail salons. Thirty years after the start of Vietnamese-run parlours, the pioneering wave of boat people have all but dried up. More often new recruits are no longer Vietnamese---they are now Eastern Euorpean refugees fleeing their own impoverished countries. So if it seems like there is a Vietnamese nail salon on nearly every corner, you are not far from wrong, and it all started with Tippi Hedren.

Now, back to Hitchcock and his cadre of blondes, of which he was very fond. It is rumored that he was in love with the beautiful Grace Kelly, but as we know, she married a real life prince. So check out Grace Kelly (Rear Window and Dial M for Murder), Janet Leigh (Pyscho), Ingrid Bergman (Suspicion and Spellbound), Doris Day (The Man Who Knew too much) and Joan Fontaine (Rebecca). CPL has all of these titles and they all rank high as movies worth seeing. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that I have seen Rear Window and Dial M at least 20 times---each. I LOVE these two movies.

by MOE


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This years event will be hosted by the very popular Jane Lynch from the very popular Glee. To see a complete list of all the categories and nominees, follow this link to Emmys official site.

You will be impressed with how many of the series, shows and specials CPL carries. In the running for outstanding drama are: Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, and Game of Thrones. For outstanding comedy; Glee, The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and Modern Family. My money is on Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.

by Moe


Our Dvd & Blu Ray collection

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Someone recently asked whether the Calgary Public Library has dvds featured in film festivals and the latest releases once out of the movie theatres, and the answer is YES! Once purchased, the dvd/blu ray is listed in our catalogue and you may place a hold on it ahead of time to reserve a copy. New and popular titles often have a waiting list, so placing a hold is the best way to get a hold of these dvds. You can do so by clicking "place a hold" which appears to the left of the title you have found in our online catalogue.

Another question that came up was how the library decides what dvds are in the collection. For a broad, general answer, refer to our materials selection policy which staff at library branches can provide on request. Librarians at our Central branch select material for the collection using a number of different resources and criteria.

You can shape the collection yourself by suggesting titles. Click on the "Contact Us" section at the top of our home page and then select "suggest a title." Many items are purchased for the library based on customer suggestions.


Silver Linings 2

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Our first offering of Silver Linings proved popular, so here is another round of movies that have elements that save them from being failures--- after all, if every movie was great we'd be so busy watching them again and again we wouldn't get anything else done.

Pandorum – An unremarkable sci-fi pick that straddles the B-movie line. It’s sometimes campy when it means to be serious and the hit-and-miss Dennis Quaid misses with this role. Fortunately, the always excellent Ben Foster turns in a performance that makes you forget how goofy the rest of the movie is. If you’ve seen Foster in “3:10 to Yuma”, “The Messenger” or “30 Days of Night” you’ll know just how powerful an actor he is

Jumper – Teleportation is cool! Despite that unquestionable fact, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson seem like they’re trying to suck all of the cool out of this movie with their leaden, ad-libbed performances. Despite that, teleportation is still really, really cool! This one will tickle your imagination; pure escapist fun!

Death Race –I thought that I knew everything to know about this film from the trailer: a testosterone fuelled Jason Statham action flick with plenty of fast cars, pretty girls, and explosions. The movie really isn’t too far off from that description. It hits all the notes you’d expect from a cliché action movie but somehow it all comes together into a heart pounding thrill ride.

Reign of Fire – This dark tale of a dragon caused apocalypse wasn’t very well received by critics and fans. Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey turn in decent performances but perhaps the movie was just too bleak for its own good. Whatever the reasons for its lacklustre receptions, “Reign of Fire” succeeds in one area: the dragons. The beasts are realistically visceral, and are far more entertaining than traditional monster movie fare. Not many movies feature dragons nowadays but Reign of Fire will make you wish for more.

Thanks to Guest Blogger Trevor for another list of Silver Linings. Let me add that we now have Reign of Fire in Blu-Ray, and as in all things Blu-Ray, it looks great! Bit of trivia-trying to place the woman/mom at the beginning? It is the talented Alice Krige, who played the Borg Queen in Star Trek, First Contact- my 2nd favourite Trek movie after Wrath of Khan.

Toronto International Film Festival

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Follow this link to see all things TIFF


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UPDATE WED 7th!! All the passes are now gone for this one but remember to check back---we regularly run contests for free movie passes and other great swag. Hope you were one of the lucky recipients.

Sorry about the short notice on this one guys, but I just got the link from my contact. But it's still free tickets!

Please visit and enter the password YYCISAWARRIOR to get 1 of 75 passes to see this movie-TOMORROW, the 7th.

School Daze

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Easy A movie posterNever remiss to the needs of kids, Movie Maniacs have asked Services for Children, Teens, and Families to post a list of Back-to-School movies for the age range of those who are ACTUALLY going back to school! For all you older kids who are still wearing out the tape on your fave John Hughes movies, you might be interested in some of these *cough* newer *cough* titles as well.

The first recommendation is Easy A – starring the delightful Emma Stone (who we’ll be seeing frequently on the big screen this year) and quite a few other familiar faces (Stanley Tucci, Thomas Haden Church and Malcolm McDowell for the older crowd, and Teen T.V. perennials Penn Badgley, Cam Gigandet and Amanda Bynes for the younger). Olive is a high school bookworm whoNapoleon Dynamite Movie Poster studies Nathaniel Hawthorne in her favourite English class. When she helps a socially-challenged friend rank a little higher in the pecking order by lying about their romantic exploits, the rumor mill runs rampant. She embraces the Scarlet Letter that Hawthorne's character never could, until things start to backfire. Surprisingly intelligent, hugely entertaining, and truly heartfelt, this movie gives a fresh and fun nod to the classic teen flicks of the 80s while remaining totally original. PG-13

There’s not a lot I can say about the next film on my list, Napoleon Dynamite. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, and you’ll know within the first twenty minutes whether its deadpan style is for you. If you missed this 2004 release the first time around, it’s worth a borrow, if only because this highly quotable movie is the source of a lot of pop culture references today. Heck yes! It's flipping sweet. PG

Mean Girls Movie PosterAnother [slightly] oldy-but-goody is Mean Girls, also from 2004. Scripted by 30 Rock’s hilarious Tina Fey, this fictional movie adaptation of the non-fictional Queen Bees and Wannabees stars Rachel McAdams and Amanda SeyfriedSuperbad Movie Poster (before they were anyone) and Lindsay Lohan (before she was… well… just too much for anyone). While it views like a regular teen-chick flick, full of the fashion and backstabbing that is so overproduced by MTV these days, it is actually incredibly insightful and genuine. I wonder if the High School experience of these girls resonates as deeply with everyone as it does with me. PG-13

Superbad: An inappropriate and side-splitting story of underage underdogs trying to make all thier dreams come true at the last High School party before graduation. Rated R and it deserves it, but if you can make it through the language it’s extremely entertaining and oddly, kind of lovely.

And just for the 13 and unders, here are a couple of the fun and totally PG movies available at Calgary Public Library starring real children, not just adults pretending to be teens:

Nancy Drew (with Emma Roberts)

Harry Potter (the epitome of school days movies -- on blu-ray and DVD)

Sky High (fun for the whole family)

School of Rock (check out Miranda Cosgrove! She's like ten!!!)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (we love the graphic novels because they get kids reading, but the movie had me in stitches!)

A Little Princess (it never gets old, but I like this 1995 version best)

Thanks to our Guest Blogger Alex for the above list. This is a niche I tend to avoid because often I just can't make it through the current teen offerings. But I have seen several of the above, and I know she has seen them all, so have a look. While you're at it, drop in to the TEEN ZONE BLOG where they have myriads of book recommendations, some great contests and are just generally plugged into all things kids and teens. Thanks Alex.

by Moe