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The 'How To" on entering our Contests

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)

There has been some confusion while trying to enter the contests for free advanced screening passes. We have been asked to clarify- so here’s what you need to know.

We run 2 types of contests here at MM. For one kind we invite you to enter through our CPL site by leaving your name and a phone number in COMMENTS. This information will never be published. If you win you will be contacted to pick up your physical ticket at a branch. These tickets come courtesy of Paramount Pictures, and they are not privy to any of your information..

The second type of contest is the one that people are most unsure of. In this instance we put up a link which directs you to an external website. This site asks for a name, PIN and an email address. The PIN is provided by MM in our post and is NOT your CPL PIN. All you need to do is cut and paste this pin from MM and insert it into the new site to which you are redirected. You do not even need to provide your real name -the name ’guest’ will work just as well and still get you a pass. They need an email because these are electronic tickets and they have to have somewhere to send them to for you to print off. If you wish, you can create an email specifically for this purpose. You can also use the PIN to get more than one set of tickets for that particular movie. Just remember that each new contest has a new site and a new PIN. These tickets are provided courtesy of Alliance Atlantis ---they provide the option of ‘opting out’ from their mailing list.

As with all things www you must decide for yourself what your personal comfort level is in providing information.

The final word: these are advanced screening passes and they always give away more than the theatre can hold- this is because they know there will be no-shows. If you get tickets either way, take it to the theatre, go to the box office and exchange it for a regular admission ticket. Then you are guaranteed a seat. I usually try to arrive 45-60 minutes ahead of posted show time-- I have ALWAYS gotten in. There will be several contests coming in the next few weeks- please remember to check in at TEEN ZONE blog also.


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