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Because everybody loves lists

by Moe - 7 Comment(s)

There are lists of and for everything. There are lists of lists, and books of lists, and how to write lists books and tens of thousands of web pages devoted to lists. Because lists are fun- unless it's a list of things you need to do, but even that can be fun because you can get satisfaction crossing something off the list. Movie lists are especially fun because the permutations are almost endless. If you follow my posts you have often heard me say things like---'I have seen this movie 20- 30 etc times'. It's not for nothing I call myself a movie maniac, so following in no particular order is my list of 10 movies that I have seen at least 30 times. And CPL has everyone of them!

Ben Hur

Bridge on the River Kwai

Witness for the Prosecution

Dail M for Murder


Alien and Aliens (I know, I know, two separate movies!)

A Few Good Men

Star Trek:Wrath of Khan

The Shining

To kill a Mockingbird

I tell you this for true--- although I own every one of these movies and can sit and watch anytime I choose, if I was to go home tonight and one of them happened to be on TCM, Encore Avenue, Space or AMC, I would likely sit down and watch it---again.

I would love to hear your choices- send me the name of movies that you see again and again (it doesn't have to be 10) and I'll post them on the blog. Come on fellow Movie Maniacs- I know you are out there---probably watching something right now for the 30th time!!!


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by Alex
'Love Actually' is DEFINITELY on my Top 10 ... that and 'The Holiday' are two Christmas movies that I watch year round. I perpetually return to the Harry Potter movies when I'm doing mindless tasks like laundry or ironing... and I am hopelessly devoted to Mandy Moore, so I can watch anything she's been in (and they're ALL C movies, B at best) over and over and over again.
by Moe
And in keeping with this theme, I went to Crowfoot theatres last night and saw Ben Hur on the big screen. And, what they showed was the newly re-mastered Blu Ray edition, which will be available for purchase shortly. It was Epic!!
by Moe
Hey Wan, I agree , it is hard to choose just 10. So I'll have to make this a recurring post so that we can keep adding our faves. And speaking of faves, Wrath of Khan is right up there for me. Thanks for your list. Gigi- don't know Heartlands, but I'm always happy to have a new suggestion to watch. And Love Actually is an excellent movie, isn't it. Thanks to the both of you--Moe
by Gigi
There is a quirky British film called "Heartlands" that I could watch (and have watched) over and over. It is especially appealing when I'm feeling blue, as it always manages to lift my spirits. Other movies I've watched repeatedly in the past are: The Back to the Future trilogy, Sneakers, Love Actually, Sliding Doors. My taste in movies definitely isn't as cool as yours! (Oh, and I agree with Kathy about Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice - DEFINITELY the Colin Firth version)
by Wan
Tough call, how can you choose only ten?!?! Here is my list of top 10 movies I watch over and over and over: * Star Trek: Wrath of Khan * The Fugitive (with Harrison Ford) * While You Were Sleeping * Bride & Prejudice (with Aishwarya Rai) * Silverado * The Quick and the Dead (with Stone, Hackman, et al.) * Bend It Like Beckham * Dracula (Lugosi, Langella, Oldman) * Almost Famous * That Thing You Do
by Moe
What eclectic taste you have---Sci-fi through to Jane Austen. Thanks for your input- and the good news is CPL has every one of these.
by kathy
after a stressful day, a glass of wine and any of these: Fifth Element Galaxy Quest Star Trek (the newest one) Sense and Sensibility Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version) Lord of the Rings (3 there, just counting 1) Bourne trilogy (ditto) Monty Python and the Holy Grail You've Got Mail Indiana Jones (any but the 2nd!)

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