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The Pool

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

The Pool couldn't be more different from director Chris Smith's notorious documentary about amateur horror film-makers, American Movie.

This quiet, thoughtful film is set in Goa and stars Malcom Faria, Venkatesh Chavan, and Janghir Badshah.

Venkatesh spies a tranquil unused pool and garden from a tree near its high wall. As a hotel boy working to support his family who live in a faraway village, he doesn't have access to such luxuries. He moonlights with his homeless friend Janghir selling plastic bags in the marketplace. Janguir suggests that Venkatesh simply jump in, but he announces that he will go in the front gate, or not at all. That decision leads to his encounter with the pool's owner and daughter of the house.

Anyone who has every peered longingly at a pool will enjoy this film. It offers a glimpse into the street life of Indian children, realistic dialogue (Hindi, with English subtitles) and a moving look a young hero of everyday life. You may want to share this movie with your teens.



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