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Who did Win the Oscar

by Moe - 1 Comment(s)

There they go for another year and although I watched them I thought they lacked any real 'oomph'. Seth M was decent enough as host, better than I was expecting and certainly way better than James Franco and Anne Hathaway in 2011. He has some personality, a decent voice and a share of charm, but the writing was mediocre and the majority of the jokes were flat.

It was nice to see production numbers return, but having the orchestra in another building didn't work. It was supposed to be a tribute night to musicals, but really all they featured was Les Mis and Chicago, and Chicago went on far too long. Streisand was good- when is she not, and the same for Adele and Bassey. The Ted skit was just a nightmare and the sock puppets were lame. Notably missing from 'In Memoriam' was Andy Griffith. The Christopher Plummer skit was fine and I thought the intro with Captain Kirk and MacFarlane worked, but could become a self-fullfilling prophecy (MacFarlane worst host ever! one headline read). But when the biggest thing people are talking about the day after is Jennifer Lawrence tripping on the stairs, obviously they weren't terribly memorable. Best speeches of the night were Daniel Day-Lewis and Ang Lee but they really needed to bring in the hook to get Affleck and company off the stage. As for the Oscar pools I entered, I did well here at work, getting 18 of the 24, then 'rethunk' it all too much and only got 12 out of 24 for my next effort on Oscar night! Oh well, next year! For a complete listing of winners, follow this link.

Now, what does CPL have in the way of nominees and winners? Well as always, we've got you covered. Currently available or on order:

Argo; Skyfall; Les Mis; The Master; Flight; Zero Dark Thirty; The Sessions; Beasts of the Southern Wild; Life of Pi; War Witch; Brave; Frankenweenie; Paranorman; The Pirates! Band of Misfits; Wreck-it-Ralph; Mirror Mirror; Snow White and the Huntsman; 5 Broken Cameras; The invisible War; Prometheus; Marvels The Avengers; Moonrise Kingdom.

And of course as more titles are released to dvd and blu-ray, we will add them to our collection so check back regularly---holds are building even as I write. As soon as you see them in our catalogue they are available to hold, even if they are not yet in.


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by Mazin Elrafih

I love the Oscars

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