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Check out our Chinese dvds

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You don't need to speak Chinese to enjoy the Chinese dvds in our collection. Many have English subtitles.

Zhang Yimou/Yimou Zhang's films are poignant with universal themes. He is best known for Raise the Red Lantern, a concubine's story and Shanghai Triad and more recently House of Flying Daggers, a spectacular swordfighting epic. If you liked the latter, try Hero, which is also a romance. Try to see Not one Less: a young schoolteacher goes to a rural area and her reluctance turns to devotion to her pupils and her dedication to finding a missing student. To Live follows a family's difficult choices through the revolutionary years.

Skip Eat, Pray, Love and go directly to Eat, Drink, Man Woman by Ang Lee of Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame. A chef with three daughters cooks his way through their different life choices. Another to see is The Wedding Banquet : A couple who don't have parental approval enlist a tenant's help in creating a wedding.

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