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Transformers:Dark of the Moon CONTEST

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The movie is due for release shortly and I have a really sweet deal for four lucky winners. Not only do you get advanced sceening tickets (for two), you get RESERVED seats. But you have to work for it a little harder this time. I want you to create your ideal transformer- what would he look like--pre and/or post transformation- be creative, get the teens and kids involved. Once you are happy with your design, copy the URL for wherever your image is stored and pass it on through MM comments.

The contest will run till Friday June 24th-with the advanced screening Monday June 27th for the lucky winners. Because the contest runs the full week, if you are chosen you will have to be able to get to Crowfoot to pick up your winning ticket-no time to get it sent elsewhere!

And as always, dont forget to leave your name and contact number. We have one person who has entered 2 times and would have won if we had a way of contacting her.

Need to brush up on your Transformers?? We have lots to choose from: The first and the second with Shia Lebeouf and Megan Fox; the Animated Series Season 1 from 1984, the animated series from 2008 Transform and Rollout, and also a J in Chinese.



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