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Three from Bahrani

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With only three full length features to his name, writer/director Ramin Bahrani has shown himself to be a master filmmaker. Bahrani, an American of Iranian descent, has focused on the Immigrant experience in the US. Using non-professional actors and shooting on location with natural light, his films have a distinct authenticity to them. His films are gritty, beautiful, and profound.

Man Push Cart (2005) - The story of a former Pakistani music star, now caught with the Sisyphean task of wheeling his coffee cart throughout Manhattan. A sobering look at the difficulties of new Americans just trying to make ends meet. Chop Shop (2007) - Follows the daily grind of 12 year old street orphan, Alejandro and his 16 year old sister. The siblings do what they must to survive and hopefully make a better life for themselves.

The film was Shot on location in the Willets Point slum of New York, directly in the shadow of Shae Stadium. Goodbye Solo (2008) - Follows the unlikely relationship of Solo, a Senegalese cab driver and his fare, William, a crotchety old southern-boy with a lifetime of regrets. A touching friendship develops between the two men, transcending their ages and cultural differences.

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