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Red and Purple, Black and Green

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Mel recommended many excellent titles in two earlier posts which you can find under the tagline numbers colours and letters on the left. She observed how many films there were with numbers in the titles, and when I started this one I was struck with the same thought---gobs of movies with colours in the titles. Here in no particular order are colour movies, all which I've seen and enjoyed.

The Color Purple---Spielberg brings you Woopie and Oprah in the story based on Alice Walkers popular novel. Bit of trivia here- although nominated for 11 Academy Awards, it won--- zero! This ties with a movie called The Turning Point, that people are hard pressed to remember. I actually like them both.

Black Swan- this movie which had 2011's Best Actress winner will not be everybodies cup of tea. Melodramatic, on times bordering on incomprehensible, it is still worth seeing just for Natalie Portman's stunning performance. Yes- she did her own dancing.

Reds- this is Warren Beatty's 1981 story of a radical American journalist who becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia. This is long folks---194 minutes. Not to be confused with the far inferior Helen Mirren/Bruce Willis spy offering called Red-although John Malcovich's performance almost makes it worthwhile-nobody does nutjob as well as John.

Solyent Green---from 1972, futuristic dystopia with Charlton Heston.

Green Mile---from the fertile mind of Stephen King, this is one of his stories that translates very well from book to the big screen. A really good performance by Tom Hanks, and lots of other recognizable faces, even if you can't get all the names. Can you spot the actor who played Ned Pepper in the True Grit remake? This guy is a real chameleon and a talented actor.

The Purple Rose of Cairo- ignore his sordid personal life and just pay tribute to the film maker, and there is no denying that Woody Allen makes some really good movies. This is a charming offering from 1985 starring Mia Farrow and Jeff Daniels.

The Scarlet and the Black- the Vatican, the Nazi's, Christopher Plummer and Gregory Peck.

The Red Shoes---A young ballet dancer is torn between the man she loves and her pursuit to become a prima ballerina. A must see.

It isn't easy being green- Kermit the frog of course, and the irrepressible Muppets---several Movies and the series 1, 2 and 3. Anybody who was anybody used to line up to get on this weekly show.

by Moe


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