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More 6 degrees of separation-

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We know this game is fun.... seems a lot of you out there are playing it too. Here are two loops sent into us by readers Mateusz and Claire. We'd love to hear yours.....get in touch with us through COMMENTS at the end of the post.

George Clooney directs and stars in "The Ides of March" which stars Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling also recently starred in the fantastic 80's noir love letter, "Drive" which was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Refn in his early years also directed a small indie thriller by the name of "Fear X" which starred John Turturro in a great understated performance. Turturro, who is a fabulous character actor, starred in "Barton Fink" a great Coen Brothers film about a writer suffering from writer's block. The Coen's finally have made a number of films with a well known Hollywood actor, including my personal favorite "O Brother where art thou?" starring who? George Clooney. Big thanks to Mateusz for this one.

Liam Hemsworth stars in the film adaptation of the Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence was in The Beaver with Mel Gibson. Mel was in What Women Want with Helen Hunt. Helen was in As Good As It Gets with Greg Kinnear. Greg Kinnear was in The Last Song with guess who: Liam Hemsworth!! Thanks a lot Claire.


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