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Just came across the June 4/10 copy of Entertainment Weekly magazine (which the library carries) and they had an interesting article called the 100 Greatest Characters of the last 20 years. They pulled from both the big and little screen and the list is meant to comprise characters who 'moved us' over the last 20 years. As with any such list there is lots of room for discussion or outright disagreement---but it made for entertaining reading. So I thought I would feature the top 20 choices---for the remaining 80 you will have to read the article either in the mag or by going online into CPL''s e-library and then accessing the extensive MasterFile Premier database. This features 100's of popular magazines that you can access free with your Library card. Not sure how to use it yet? Stop in at your nearest location where our helpful staff will be happy to show you---once you are introduced to this resource you will wonder how you got along without it! Can you believe that out of the 20 listed below there are only 2 that CPL doesn't carry---Ally McBeal (and in my opinion, no great omission- she drove me up the wall) and Laura Croft 1 &2 which are actually pretty good.

1. Homer

2. Harry Potter

3. Buffy the vampire Slayer

4. Tony Soprano /Sopranos

5. The Joker/DarkKnight

6. Rachel Green /Friends

7. Edward Scissorhands

8. Hannibal Lecter /Silence of the Lambs

9. Carrie Bradshaw /Sex and the City The Movie

10. Spongebob Squarepants

11. Cosmo Kramer /Seinfeld

12. Agents Mulder and Scully /The X-Files

13. Jack Sparrow /The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

14. The Big Lebowski

15. Shrek

16. Bridget Jones /The Edge of Reason

17. Laura Croft /Tomb Raider 1&2

18. Sue Sylvester /Glee

19. Morpheus /Matrix 1 2 3

20. Ally McBeal



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