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Tearing down to build up

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Ah Spring...When our thoughts turn inevitably to home improvement. If you are eating take-out and heating food in the microwave all of the time, your pets piling up with you in your bedroom, boxes of unsorted items shoved to the side, you either live at our house, or you are in the middle of a home renovation project.

Amidst our non-fiction dvds, you will find an assortment of items aimed at informing the do-it-yourself-er. See for yourself:

Holmes on Holmes: Shirtless but shod and service-oriented Mike Holmes is adored for his righteous rage at corrupt contractors and their incompetent handiwork. In the process of taking apart their work, he teaches the right (Holmes) way to build.

Dare to Repair Mag Ruffman of Road to Avonlea is the feisty host of this dvd based on the sleeper hit tv show "A Repair to Remember" which was aimed at timid, inexperienced handypeople. She leads you through various typical home fixits.

Remember Bob Villa? We have the This Old House series on videocassette, should you have a vcr. We also have a newer dvd series Ask This Old House.

On order for the collection are Floors and Ceilings and Plumbing and Electrical. and the So You're Renovating series, which covers a wide variety of topics, such as basements, kitchens, additions, and roofing.

Lastly, Build Green and Raging Renos. The titles say it all.

These don't cover local permits and structural engineering issues, which the borrower is responsible for researching.


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