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Jim Jarmusch's movies are worth repeat viewings. Get going if you haven't seen these offbeat treasures with great soundtracks frequently including Tom Waits and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. They are among the best films of the 1990s world-wide.

Here are a few that are in, or coming, to the collection:

Down by Law: a man framed by the police goes on the road and takes up with a charming couple played by Italian comedy duo and spouses Roberto Benini and Nicholetta Braschi (of Life is Beautiful) fame. Tom Waits also stars.

Limits of Control-Jarmusch's latest-can't wait to see it!

Dead Man-starring Johnny Depp. See the Best Westerns summary

Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray. Murray plays a quiet man, searching for a son he may or may not have had as he revisits past relationships. It's an unusual and thoughtful road movie, featuring eastern American countryside.

Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai Forest Whitaker plays a lone enforcer devoted to the ways of ancient Japanese war but in hip-hop fashion. A must see, and not just for the scenes of the sailboat being built on the roof of an inner city apartment.

Night on Earth vignettes of life from inside several taxis in different cities around the wo


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