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To judge by the number of things turning 100 years old this year, 1912 must have been a very exciting year. By now you all know that CPL opened its first branch that year, and one hundred years later we are still vibrant, relevant and growing! The Calgary Stampede started that same year as did Calgary Parks and Recreation. The Grey Cup also celebrates its 100th this year and Calgary has sadly only won it 6 times- 1948,1971,1992,1998, 2001 and 2008 (along with being a rabid movie lover, I also am crazy about my Stamps, and I remain eternally optimistic). It is 100 years since the sinking of the unsinkable Titanic and CPL has 6 different DVD's on the topic. Oreos, Life Savers and zippers also share this birthday.

Of interest to Movie Maniacs, this is also the 100th birthday of Paramount Studios. It would be a daunting task to try to list all of the accomplishments in the studio's 100 year history, and even a smaller glimpse is formidable. There are many sites devoted to the birthday but one that is very appealing is the official Vanity Fair photo. Follow this link to see the 116 stars that posed for this shoot. I had great fun trying to name the stars- hover anywhere over a person's picture and it allows you to zoom in and get the name. Enjoy.


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