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Spies when you're in from the Cold II

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Something about a blizzard gets me thinking of watching some good spy flicks. A few of them feature the women of espionage, a topic we haven't covered before. I won't be including Ian Fleming's women here.

We have one copy of the original Mata Hari still circulating starring Greta Garbo. By all accounts it is not true to the actual spy's life, but interesting as a film archive item

Better still, Pinewood Studios 1950 production Carve her name with Pride dramatizes the life of Violette Szabo, a Londoner of French descent who agrees to meet Allied operatives by parachuting into occupied France. It's a little anachronistic as the heroine's hairdo and dress are post-war and the film conceals as much as it reveals, but Szabo's sacrifice makes it worth watching. Another famous spy 'Odette' consulted on the details of the movie which stars Virginia Mckenna and Paul Scofield.

Charlotte Gray stars the always great Cate Blanchett as Sebastian Faulks' fictional resistance fighter whose life is similar to the real Violette Szabo's. Gray is also fluent in French and connected to a man fighting in France.

Inglourious Basterds: Yes the misspelling is correct! Be prepared for graphic violence. This popular World War II film features Nazi hunters in France. Diane Kruger stars as a German double agent helping their mission and Melanie Laurent is in the central role as a Parisian theatre owner determined to avenge her family's murder by a Nazi commander: an excellent academy winning film.



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