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Silver Linings 3

by Trevor - 1 Comment(s)

It's been a while but here's another dose of mediocre movies that still have that shining spot of greatness in them. Well...if not greatness then certainly something that justifies a viewing.

Sucker Punch was a film that I was incredibly excited for. I was a fan of director Zack Snyder after 300 and Watchmen and here was a movie that he had conceived of from the ground up. Too bad it was a bit of a mess. I don’t understand how you could go wrong with steampunk, dragons, and samurai but somehow he managed to. The amazingly creative concept however, makes the movie watchable, but only just.

Predators – Seen the original 1987 Predator with Schwarzenegger? 2010’s Predators is the same movie. Seriously! The tone, visuals, effects, music…everything is exactly the same. It feels nearly identical to the 80’s action flick (which in this day and age unfortunately makes the film feel a bit boring and archaic). Dull though the movie may be, the nostalgic faith to the original makes this movie worth watching for fans and newbies alike.


Straw Dogs failed to capture the attention of either audiences or critics. What it does capture however is the creepiness of redneck rural America. Though the performances are forced and the conclusion underwhelming, you’ll certainly think twice before visiting small town Mississippi. The tension it creates is as good a reason as any to watch this one.

Clash of the Titans tried to ride the coattails of the much better Greek action flick 300. Unfortunately, this movie wasn’t nearly as good. A weak 3D cash-in that followed the clichéd adventure model to a fault, Clash would have been nigh unwatchable except for one small thing…Liam Neeson playing Zeus and shouting RELEASE THE KRAKEN! An incredibly quotable line and a silver lining if I’ve ever seen one!


Make sure to check out Silver Linings 1 and Silver Linings 2 for more bad films with great parts.

Something mediocre I missed that has a shining spot of excellence? Send a comment and we'll see if it can be added it to a future list.


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by Anonymous

Watch the original Sam Peckinpah "Straw Dogs" its much better, and one of the most unsettling films I've seen in a while. its definitely an interesting view with its ambiguous, chauvenist undertones. I've suggested the library to order it.

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