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The Eye Has to Travel

by Melanie - 4 Comment(s)

This a great DVD for viewers with the so-called "passion for fashion" and naysayers alike. Those who consider the industry to be made up merely of dictatorial European designers and mal-nourished teenaged models are forgetting about the powerhouses like Diana Vreeland who shaped so much of what we see visually today. She was no fashion victim.

The Eye has to Travel (checkout the book also via this link) stitches together interview footage with Vreeland with film clips of Funny Face and Who are you, Polly Maggoo?, and even animation to bring the woman to life. Vreeland was editor of Harper's Bazaar (available in the library and through our Zinio subscription), then Vogue (in branches), then head of the Fashion Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of New York where she allegedly scandalized archivists by treating 18th Century gowns as wearable clothes.

Interviews with Ali McGraw, Verushka, Diane von Furstenburg, Lauren Hutton and others highlight Vreeland's pioneering approach to life, first as a counter-culture flapper, then as an editor who valued a multicultural outlook and chose models with unique features and personalities, like Angelica Huston, whose careers she helped launch because she saw their inner potential.

Vreeland is ostensibly the spoofed arbitar of fashion in Who are you, Polly Maggoo? and some say also in The Devil wears Prada, not the current editor of Vogue as has been suggested. I'll leave you to decide.


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by Melanie

Great! I'll get on it!

by Alex

Would love to see a cross-section of some of the other great Fashion Flicks the library has to offer!

by Melanie

Thanks, Heather! We aim to please. McQueen truly had an extraordinary vision.

by Heather Margaret Sawyer

So pleased to hear the library has this DVD. The movie only lasted about 5 minutes at the Globe. Most fashionistas like myself never got the chance to see it. And thank you Calgary Public Library for being so current with the latest books on fashion, particularly Alexander McQeen, love, love, love him!

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