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What's All the Hoopla? Foreign Film Downloads!

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

In my first Hoopla-related post, I gave information on how to screen from your portable or tv and an overview of the site and app.

This time, I want to point out that Hoopla has added foreign films in their feature areas that you can browse directly. Simply go to "Browse." The three categories are French, Spanish, and Chinese films. There is an impressive assortment, including art-house, martial arts, suspense and comedy.

Since these are popular checkouts from most library locations, you'll enjoy accessing them through the Hoopla app or site. This type of content may not be available from other providers. Here it's readily and legally available!

Hoopla is free with your library card and is building up as we speak. Not only that, the collection available from Hoopla reflects the needs and tastes of Calgary Public Library Customers so you'll help shape it when you make your selections.

If you you just want to take a peek without making an account (yet!), access Hoopla in our Featured Digital Content link on the library's homepage and choose "Browse."


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