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Great Adaptations-YA Fiction

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Twilight and Harry Potter seem to get all the press, but there are some fantastic, yet little seen, films being adapted from young adult fiction. You can browse the Teen titles in our collection by doing a subject search of 'teen films'.

Here are a few suggestions to hold you over until the Hunger Games trilogy makes its way to the theatre.

Paranoid Park (2008) is a haunting portrait of a young skateboarder who accidently kills a security guard. The film was adapted and directed by Gus Van Sant, from the novel of the same name by Blake Nelson. This is a smart and expertly crafted coming-of-age film, that was well reviewed and little seen. It was released the same year as Van Sant's 'Milk' and seemed to get forgotten about. Which is strange because once seen, this film is hard to forget. The film also boasts a strong soundtrack by Elliott Smith and Nino Rota.

One of my favourite YA novels is Skellig by David Almond. The story centres around a young teen who befriends a bird/angel-ish creature hidden in his garage. The books was adapted for British TV in 2009 with Oscar-nominee Tim Roth in the title role. The movie 'Skellig: The Owl Man" was recently added into the CPL catalogue.

For something a little lighter, try Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. The quirky tale of 14 year old Georgia Groome, who only wants a boyfriend and to throw the greatest birthday party ever. A charming film by Gurinder Chada, the director of the equally charming Bend it like Beckham.



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