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6 Degrees of Separation...With a Twist

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Thanks to guest blogger ALEX, who always gives us these great 6 degree posts. She's come up with a real mind bender this time...

It’s been a while since we've done a 6° of Separation, and who better to get us back in the swing of things than the man of the hour, Benedict Cumberbatch! But since it’s a new year, let’s put a new twist on this game… instead of following just Benedict through filmdom, we’re going to follow famous pairings – people who collaborate on flicks with each other again and again – or, for our purposes, Dynamic Duos!

Now I know that Moe just posted about BC a couple of weeks ago, but it's a testament to how popular this guy is that here we are with him again. You won’t be able to turn on a TV or go to the movies in 2013 without seeing him EVERYWHERE. We’d be remiss to mention his popularity without also mentioning his partner-in-crime[solving], Martin Freeman. While both have been heavy on the Brit set for years, they’re enjoying new-found recognition on this side of the pond thanks to the success of their hit BBC serial “Sherlock”. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, don’t let knock-off CBS “Elementary” throw you off the scent… it is absolutely worth your time, especially if you’re not necessarily a fan of other recent offerings like the Robert Downey Jr redux.

Cumberbatch’s success in Sherlock no doubt had a hand in his casting in the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness” flick, set for release in May. The movie comes out in five months, and after months and months of rumours about who he'd be playing, we only found out just very recently. Brilliant marketing ploy?! Look to the genius of J.J. Abrams, who’s mastery of suspense has provided such gems as “Lost”, Fringe”, Super 8” and of course, “Heroes”. (AND NEW UPDATE! J.J. has just signed on to do the new Star Wars! BOTH of the Star franchises?? If anyone can mend the rift between Trekkies and Warsies, it would be him...)


Which brings us to our next dynamic duo:

While coupling Cumberbatch with Abrams is an out-of-this-world combo, there is a more fitting Jelly to Abram’s Peanut Butter. I’m talking about Zachary Quinto, who played the horrifying Sylar in “Heroes”, and the wonderful “Spock” in the new Star Treks. These two are friends off-set, and Quinto is reported as having said that returning to Star Trek without Abrams would be unimaginable. Quinto appears in the Star Trek movies with half of another dynamic duo, Simon Pegg (the hilarious Scotty).

It is difficult to think of Simon Pegg without also picturing buddy Nick Frost hovering somewhere nearby. The pair seem to be inseparable when working on comedies, with titles such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” being perennial favourites. They have also voice-acted together in “Tintin” and “Ice Age: Continental Drift”. For my next jump I’ll use the rather insignificant “Snow White and the Huntsman” to link Nick Frost with good ol’ Toby Jones, as they both played dwarves.

Toby Jones is memorable for his character-acting and the fact that he takes on a lot of bit roles in a lot of big movies. Also famous for this? Stanley Tucci. These two very talented actors keep taking relatively small roles, which continually surprise and delight me. I always want more of them, so I suppose they’re choosing their roles perfectly after all. Two movies I can use as examples that feature both of these actors are “The Hunger Games” and “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

Another surprising appearance in “Captain America” is Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger. Richard who? He was only on screen for about three minutes so he was easy to miss. But once you've found him, you'll just want more. For the next three years we’ll be inundated with his glorious, studly face as he plays Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit” trilogy.

And to wrap it all up with a nice little bow, Richard Armitage’s Thorin is the leader of the motley crew including Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins, all setting off to reclaim their loot from the desolation of Smaug—voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch (There is Oscar Buzz for old' Benedict in this role... After studying Komodo dragons to research his role as Smaug, we've heard rumours that his voice-acting is brilliant and might get a nod!)

WHEW—that was exhausting!

6 degrees of Patrick Wilson

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Thanks to our Guest Blogger Alex for the following post. She also writes for the TEEN ZONE blog where she recently posted a great Snow White- Redux. Follow this link and take a look- you wont be disappointed. And don't you think her graphics are great!

Oh Patrick Wilson... you paradigm of manliness... you most excellent of studmuffins... I could just... oh, hello there. What's that you say? You don't know who Patrick Wilson is? Ha ha ha, very funny. No wait, you're serious? PATRICK WILSON? Oh for shame! Very well, let me begin your education.

I'll start this way: I KNOW you know who Patrick is, you just don't know you know him. Know how I know? Because this man is cast with THE BIGGEST NAMES IN HOLLYWOOD on a regular basis. He has been the right-hand man of just about every A-lister out there. And to some, his star might shine a little dimmer in comparison to theirs... but not to me. This guy is Grade-A awesome. Just watch this!

Patrick with Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera (he sings!)

Patrick with Billy Bob and Jason Patric in The Alamo (he does accents! He can use a sword and a gun! OR A BAYONET!)

Patrick with Bradley Cooper and LIAM-FREAKING-NEESON in The A-Team (hot bad guy!)

Patrick with Samuel L Jackson in Lakeview Terrace (he can hold his own against Mace Windu!)

Still not impressed? Well... Ridley Scott also chose him for his blisteringly-bright, star-studded new Sci-Fi, Prometheus, opposite heavy hitters like Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce...

Wow! Nothing?!?!? Tough crowd, tough crowd. Okay then... take it from the ladies:

Kate Winslet in Little Children

Rose Byrne in Insidious

Liv Tyler in The Ledge

Claire Danes in Evening

Charlize Theron in Young Adult

Malin Akermen in Watchmen

Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory

Yeah. I knew that would do it. Now you know Patrick Wilson. Now click on all the links to borrow these flicks so you can KNOW Patrick Wilson.

More 6 degrees of separation-

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We know this game is fun.... seems a lot of you out there are playing it too. Here are two loops sent into us by readers Mateusz and Claire. We'd love to hear yours.....get in touch with us through COMMENTS at the end of the post.

George Clooney directs and stars in "The Ides of March" which stars Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling also recently starred in the fantastic 80's noir love letter, "Drive" which was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Refn in his early years also directed a small indie thriller by the name of "Fear X" which starred John Turturro in a great understated performance. Turturro, who is a fabulous character actor, starred in "Barton Fink" a great Coen Brothers film about a writer suffering from writer's block. The Coen's finally have made a number of films with a well known Hollywood actor, including my personal favorite "O Brother where art thou?" starring who? George Clooney. Big thanks to Mateusz for this one.

Liam Hemsworth stars in the film adaptation of the Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence was in The Beaver with Mel Gibson. Mel was in What Women Want with Helen Hunt. Helen was in As Good As It Gets with Greg Kinnear. Greg Kinnear was in The Last Song with guess who: Liam Hemsworth!! Thanks a lot Claire.

6 Degrees of Separation

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Thanks to guest blogger Alex who does another tremendous job stringing a '6 degrees post' together.

I was wondering how I could possibly write a post about “Real Steel” without losing the respect of every Movie Maniac out there… I mean, really? Hugh Jackman as an ex-UFC fighter and gambling addict, whose estranged 10-year-old son helps him revamp an old robot and enter the popular Automaton Boxing competitions of the not-so-distant future? It’s ridiculous! It’s juvenile! It panders to an audience that revels in video games and violence and not much else!

And… it’s AWESOME. I’m serious. This movie was fun, visually compelling, the plot followed a perfect (if predictable) arc, the acting was fine, the soundtrack was catchy… I even think I cried a little!

And let’s be honest. You could put Hugh Jackman in a poncho, wrestling tights, and a Ronald MacDonald wig, and the man would still be worth the price of admission.

So starting with Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel” and a 2ndgeneration sparring-Bot named “Atom” let's use Robots as our common denominator and see how this 6 degrees rolls out.

"I, Robot” is RIFE with Androids trying to take over the world, but we like Sonny, the main one. It stars Will Smith (another perfect human specimen), but, much better for my purposes, Shia LaBeouf has a bit part as a character named Farber.

LaBeouf, is, of course, the headliner for the hugely popular (though-no-one-knows-why) “Transformers” series, which stars more robots than it does humans. See him here with Optimus Prime.

The 2005 revamp of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” had a star-studded cast, least of which were the robots. Of the human actors, the brilliant Bill Nighy appears as Slartibartfast. (I had to sneak Marvin in the background there... but there are still TONS of robots in this movie...)

Now… here’s my only bridge that doesn’t include Bots… and I’d label it cheating if it wasn’t such an awesome movie. Bill Nighy and Kate Beckinsale star in “Underworld", a kick-butt romp through the age-old Lycan vs. Vamp family feud. (There's a lot of technology in this movie... that counts, right?)

Kate Beckinsale, who was a Vampire in “Underworld”, turns Vamp HUNTER in “Van Helsing”, which brings us back to Beefcake Hugh Jackman, AND an especially robotic monster of Frankenstein.

Not quite making the cut are some of my fave Artificial Intelligence movies, where the robot is played by an actor (and not just say, voiced by one), and therefore doesn’t count as a robot. You could say the same for Shuler Hensley in "Van Helsing", but there was a LOT of CG in that one.

A.I.- from 2001 and directed by Steven Spielberg, with the talented young Haley Joel Osmont and Jude Law.

Bicentennial Man- like "I,Robot", this is based on an Issac Asimov story and features Robin Williams in the tin suit.

Star Trek- I had to check with MM Moe because I am not the Trekkie that she is---she says while S.T. has a proliferation of robots, androids, cyborgs, and automotons, her own personal faves are any episodes that have The Borgs: 'the scourge of the Alpha and Delta quadrants and the cybernetically-enhanced humanoids that everybody loves to hate' (yeah- she actually said that!). In fact she is such a fan she has previously given Star Trek it's own featured spot (actually more than one!).

The 6th Degree

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Sometimes I go crazy playing mini games of “Kevin Bacon is the Center of the Universe” inside my head. Only I never start with Kevin Bacon, because honestly, he creeps me out a little.

(too creepy!!!)--->

Instead, I start with someone I’m totally obsessing over at that moment. For example: Emma Stone.

And here we go!

Emma Stone is starring in the new re-hash of Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield, who was in The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg who was in Zombieland with Woody Harrelson who was in Defendor with Kat Dennings who’s Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Co-Star, Michael Cera, was in Juno with Ellen Page who has been in two movies with Rainn Wilson (Juno and Super), who was in The Rocker with Emma Stone.

I know I could have killed that twice since Emma Stone was ALSO in Zombieland with Jesse Eisenberg, AND in Superbad with Michael Cera… but I try to keep it going until I think of an obscure movie to end with. I also like to see the patterns, like the fact that three of the movies I mentioned are about superheroes (or people who THINK they're superheroes), that people FREQUENTLY confuse Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg due to their similar dead-pan and awkward delivery styles, and that Zombieland and Adventureland, both starring Eisenberg, came out in the same year.

Now Adventureland also stars Kristen Stewart, whose rumoured relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson has been fodder for rags for over three years… Pattinson was in Harry Potter with… Okay, okay. I’ll stop. But it’s totally a riot. We’d LOVE to see the 6 Degrees of Separation you guys come up with!

by guest blogger Alex-