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Time for a little CAOS!

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

Calgary's Animated Objects Society's (CAOS) 2013 festival is nearly upon us. This is a great opportunity to enjoy stage shows and films for all ages featuring local and international artists. What is an animated object? Well, it's anything that moves, but the festival features a lot of famous puppeteers and stop-motion animators. This year, there's plenty of movies to enjoy.

Among the screenings are Animovies and Scary Secret Cinema. Some of these short films you won't see anywhere else. Another screening features the Canadian animated children's series, Wapos Bay, which the library has, so you can check it out ahead of time or after if you wish. You will recognize her last name...Heather Henson is curating the Puppet Dreams film series.

Go to for details on showtimes and locations. Get your tickets early is my advice. Most of it takes place in historic Inglewood's Lanturn Church and the new Calgary Folk Music Festival Hall. Instead of spending time and money organizing your life with plastic tubs this March, choose a little CAOS: animate yourself and get on down to this year's event which runs March 9–17.