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New and Notable

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If you are one of those people who can't wait to see the latest release, you are probably already quite familiar with how to search our on-line catalogue to see what's new. For those of you who don't know, just pop onto our homepage, go to "search the Catalogue" and from there click on "New Arrivals". Or easier still, if you already have a title in mind just enter it into the quick search box and add DVD to eliminate other formats like books and book CD's. Even if we don't physically have any copies yet, if it turns up in the catalogue you can place holds.

Some of my own fave new releases include:

Source Code- Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga---An action thriller centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. Excellent CGI's.

X-Men: First Class--- I'm a big x-Men fan-in fact, along with Iron Man they are the only superhero franchises I enjoy. There are 3 previous X-Men with the original cast, but now they are giving the more popular characters their own back stories. There was Wolverine in 2009 and now First Class, which gives us the genesis of Professor X, Magneto, Beast and Mystique. A trifle long, but def worth a watch. Watch for Kevin Bacon in an excellent turn as a bad guy.

Hanna--- a 16 year old female assassin? Probably shouldn't have liked this one as much as I did given the premise, but it works. Cate Blantchett and Eric Bana as arch rivals fighting over the young girls destiny.

Lincoln Lawyer--- I usually go out of my way to not watch Matthew McConaughey, but playing a sleezy lawyer works for him. Whether or not you are a Grisham and Mat M fan, chances are good you'll enjoy this.

Adjustment Bureau---love story/sci-fi/thriller/space time continuum paradox---? I thought I had this one pigeon-holed early on, but it has a good twist.

And now after tempting you with these new releases I have to admit their are numerous holds on these titles. Hang ini there.

by Moe


Our Dvd & Blu Ray collection

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Someone recently asked whether the Calgary Public Library has dvds featured in film festivals and the latest releases once out of the movie theatres, and the answer is YES! Once purchased, the dvd/blu ray is listed in our catalogue and you may place a hold on it ahead of time to reserve a copy. New and popular titles often have a waiting list, so placing a hold is the best way to get a hold of these dvds. You can do so by clicking "place a hold" which appears to the left of the title you have found in our online catalogue.

Another question that came up was how the library decides what dvds are in the collection. For a broad, general answer, refer to our materials selection policy which staff at library branches can provide on request. Librarians at our Central branch select material for the collection using a number of different resources and criteria.

You can shape the collection yourself by suggesting titles. Click on the "Contact Us" section at the top of our home page and then select "suggest a title." Many items are purchased for the library based on customer suggestions.


Tips on browsing the foreign language dvd collection

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Searches by specific movie title or keywords are the most effective ways of finding a dvd, but many CPL customers ask how to browse for multilanguage dvds in the catalogue.

In the search field, enter "dvd" and the language of choice. eg. dvd french

If you are searching for French language dvds, be aware that you will get many results that appear to be erroneous. In fact, many of our English language dvds have French subtitles or dubbing options and they will appear in a general search result.

Try entering the word dvd followed by the language name eg. dvd hindi. We have Russian, Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Farsi, Korean and Vietnamese dvds. You will get a list of dvds in Hindi. Click on the catalogue record tab of one result and you will see listed every language available on that particular dvd. You can also use this tab when looking at English language dvd titles.

Tagalog language dvds are listed as DVD Pilipino. No "H."

Because the Chinese language dvds are catalogued using Pin Yin (English transliteration), it helps to know the title of the movie in English. For example "Chinese Ghost Story." Try entering keywords or an actor or director's name (eg. Zhang Yimou) when searching.

Feel free to ask for assistance at the library.

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Searching by Tags

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One of our blog fans asked if s/he could search for dvds in the Criterion collection. Yes you can! Simply type criterion in the search field on our main page and 250 dvds are listed. You can also type in some actors' names and dvds will be listed. Thanks for asking!


Browsing the collection

One of our blog fans asked if s/he could search for dvds in the Criterion collection. Yes you can! Simply type criterion in the search field on our main page and 250 dvds are listed. You can also type in some actors' names and dvds will then be listed. Thanks for asking!

We have provided a list of tags or keywords on the left hand side of our blog. Click on these to find the content and link to the catalogue.


More Review to Read

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If you want to read reviews other than those posted on the Movie Maniacs Blog (gasp!), a good resource is The Film and Television Literature index in the Arts and Music Section of our E-library. Go back to our home page and click on "E-library." Click on Arts and Music and then on the index. You will need a Calgary Public Library card to access this database.