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Shall We Dance?

by Moe - 1 Comment(s)

Several weeks ago we ran a contest for free tickets to the remake of Footloose. To have a chance to win we asked you to tell us your favourite dance movie ever. There was a huge response to the contest with many titles suggested. So now I thought I would pass on what some of your choices were.....

Dirty Dancing came up time and time again. Our grand prize winner had this to say: It is my favourite ever because at that time it truly did step out onto the edge of risqué! Sultry dance moves both on and off the dance floor performed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.....a coming of age movie that made such an impact on me and that I was proud to pass on to my daughter....a rebellious but feel-good-movie. It was made more perfect when I went on to read the biography of Patrick Swayze and learn that he was truly the gentleman that he portrayed in the movie.

Our second runner-up said: My favourite dance movie for now (and it was a close one) is Black Swan. While it was a twisted mind-turner, I watched it primarily for the ballet.... I thought it was just beautiful.... aside from the weird bits!

Other choices included:

The “Step-Up” franchise 1, 2, 3

The original Footloose with our 6 degrees of separation guy- Kevin Bacon

High School Musical 1, 2 , 3 from Disney

Fame the original series

Singing in the Rain- an oldie but goody with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Dennis Oconner

Shall we Dance- Richard Gere and J-Lo

You can check out some other recommendation from a previous dance post plus see all the many DVD’s you can take out that will show you HOW to dance. I enjoyed all your choices, and have to say I am pretty firmly in the Dirty Dancing camp. As for the new Footloose which I just saw---I couldn’t get too much behind any of the characters, particularly Ariel, but I thought the dancing was great..

Girls Night Out Prize Package

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What a response---a whole lot of interest in this movie and prize package! Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to Margo our grand prize winner. Amanda, Jasmine and Sepidar will also be going to the movie, courtesy of Movie Maniacs and Paramount Pictures.

This is so sweet I can hardly bring myself to give it away--- after all, who wouldn't like a miniature disco ball, nail polish, candy, glow in the dark bracelets, makeup, mugs AND four free passes to Footloose---that way you don't have to stress over which friends to take !!!

So come on ladies of all ages- enter for a chance to win this prize by telling me your favourite dance movie ever. And as always, remember to leave me your name and a contact number. You will also need to come up to Crowfoot branch to pick up your prize. The tickets are for Wednesday the 12th at 7:00 at Chinook theatre.

And a big thanks to Paramount for the passes and lootbag!

Red and Purple, Black and Green

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Mel recommended many excellent titles in two earlier posts which you can find under the tagline numbers colours and letters on the left. She observed how many films there were with numbers in the titles, and when I started this one I was struck with the same thought---gobs of movies with colours in the titles. Here in no particular order are colour movies, all which I've seen and enjoyed.

The Color Purple---Spielberg brings you Woopie and Oprah in the story based on Alice Walkers popular novel. Bit of trivia here- although nominated for 11 Academy Awards, it won--- zero! This ties with a movie called The Turning Point, that people are hard pressed to remember. I actually like them both.

Black Swan- this movie which had 2011's Best Actress winner will not be everybodies cup of tea. Melodramatic, on times bordering on incomprehensible, it is still worth seeing just for Natalie Portman's stunning performance. Yes- she did her own dancing.

Reds- this is Warren Beatty's 1981 story of a radical American journalist who becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia. This is long folks---194 minutes. Not to be confused with the far inferior Helen Mirren/Bruce Willis spy offering called Red-although John Malcovich's performance almost makes it worthwhile-nobody does nutjob as well as John.

Solyent Green---from 1972, futuristic dystopia with Charlton Heston.

Green Mile---from the fertile mind of Stephen King, this is one of his stories that translates very well from book to the big screen. A really good performance by Tom Hanks, and lots of other recognizable faces, even if you can't get all the names. Can you spot the actor who played Ned Pepper in the True Grit remake? This guy is a real chameleon and a talented actor.

The Purple Rose of Cairo- ignore his sordid personal life and just pay tribute to the film maker, and there is no denying that Woody Allen makes some really good movies. This is a charming offering from 1985 starring Mia Farrow and Jeff Daniels.

The Scarlet and the Black- the Vatican, the Nazi's, Christopher Plummer and Gregory Peck.

The Red Shoes---A young ballet dancer is torn between the man she loves and her pursuit to become a prima ballerina. A must see.

It isn't easy being green- Kermit the frog of course, and the irrepressible Muppets---several Movies and the series 1, 2 and 3. Anybody who was anybody used to line up to get on this weekly show.

by Moe

Shall We Dance

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We all know of the great pairing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. But check out Fred and the only partner he said ever intimidated him- Eleanor Powell. The movie is Broadway Melody of 1940 and even though it is a simple 'mistaken identity' plot it is very much worth a watch for the dancing. Considered to be the best tap sequence ever put down on film, Begin the Beguine is simply amazing. It's everything it should be- Fred in a bolero jacket, Ellie in a flowing gown, a beautiful Cole Porter score- two of the most gifted dancers of their time taking your breath away.

The Full Monty1997- a movie about a group of unemployed, down on their luck steel workers, who decide they have nothing left to loose- except their clothing.

That's Entertainment 1 and 2- hugely popular in the 70's, these DVDs offer retrospectives of some of MGM's best films over the previous 40 years. There are many dance sequences with the biggest and best- Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Judy Garland, Cyd Charisse, Mickey Rooney. If you aren't sure that musicals or dance movies are for you, this is a good way to get a broad overview. These really are entertaining.

Billy Elliot 2000 - this is a wonderful story of young boy who much to his coal mining father's displeasure would rather do ballet than boxing. As the family continues to disintegrate during the hardship of a strike, Billy and his father must find a way to overcome their differences.

Waiting for Guffman- not technically a dance movie or musical, I have included this because it has the funniest 60 second dance that I have ever seen. From the delightfully irreverent minds of Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy--it is actually funny on every level.

Hairspray- we have both versions of this- the 1988 with Sonny Bono and Debbie Harry and the 2007 with John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah (I prefer the new one). The story revolves aroung a 1960's television dance show and the pervasive racial segregation of the time. This is an enjoyable couple of hours.

And just in case you would rather actually do the dancing than watch it, we have instructional dvds on tap, ballet, waltz, belly, tango, swing, rumba, mambo, lambada, foxtrot, cha-cha, hip hop, hula, highland, country, Persian, funk, jazz, improvisational, baroque, meringue, pasa doble, disco, nightclub and Celtic---phew, my feet are killing me! To find what you want, do a keyword search of dvd dance-- which will bring up over 150 titles.