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Free Advanced Screening Passes

by Moe - 3 Comment(s)

As promised on Tuesday, here is your chance to get a double pass to an advanced screening of this new release.

Hopefully you planned ahead and created your account at You will need to have one in place to access tickets. If you haven't yet, read the previous post to find out how.

-I did find gofobo a little tricky to register with and retrieve the tickets when I tested it, so here are some pointers:

-'Register' is a small icon on the upper right of their home page above the search bar

-Provide them with a valid email, go to your email and retrieve the temp password, log on again and reset your password

-When you are ready to get tickets from Movie Maniacs, have your gofobo account open and ready, and then enter the RSVP code I provide.

-Make sure you have the correct code because you are only allowed 3 attempts before you are locked out till the next day -best thing is just copy and paste the rsvp code right from here into gofobo

-Your tickets are sent to the email you provided as an attachment. It you have trouble with the attachment (I did) go back into myfobo and request that they be resent- it worked the second time for me

If you have an account the passes are now available--- the rsvp code for a double pass to Marigold Hotel is :


If you have done everything correctly, below is what you will end up with- with your name on the printable ticket. One last thing- each ticket will have a unique barcode on it and may only be used once. Printing it twice will not get four of you in! If you request a pass and are unable to attend, please release your ticket in the MYFOBO area and someone else can use it. Or pass it on to a friend- they don't check ID, so the different name is not a problem- they just want bums in seats.

If you see the movie drop me a line through comments and tell me how it was.