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Some of you have already gone back to school, or will go back in the next few weeks. If you're not and you're envious, skip the school supplies section and come to the library for some Continuing Education by way of these teacher-themed dvds:

Here's a question for your film studies prof...why are no women represented as educators on film, except Bad Teacher, which you probably know about, so I won't review it here, but click the title to place a hold.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Not a dry eye in the house as an inexperienced and clumsy schoolmaster learns that the key to good teaching is to relate to your pupils as people in this 1939 classic.

Educating Rita: Michael Caine stars as a jaded professor and Julie Walters as his adult student who didn't share his privileged upbringing.

Dead Poet's society stars Robin Williams as the teacher who encourages a love of literature, with mixed results, and a too-often cited latin phrase.

To Sir with Love: Sidney Poitier stars in this old chestnut about a young teacher sent to a working class neighbourhood in London to convince rebellious high schoolers to take an interest in learning and their own futures (while he also cuts a mean figure in suits). This movie is followed by a whole raft of similarly themed films set in contemporary America, including Up the Down Staircase (1967)--set in inner-city New York--come to think of it, many of the rest feature coaches or music conductors, so we'll leave it at that.