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    Farewell to Kurt Wallander

    by Jasna Tosic - 0 Comment(s)

    This is the much anticipated return of Henning Mankell's brilliant, brooding detective Kurt Wallander. Hakan von Enke, a retired naval officer, disappears during a walk in a forest near Stockholm. Wallander is not officially involved in the investigation, but he is personally affected - von Enke is his daughter's father-in-law - and Wallander is soon interfering in matters that are not his responsibility. He is confounded by the information he uncovers, which hints at elaborate Cold War espionage. Wallander is also haunted by his own past and desperate to live up to the hope that a new granddaughter represents, and will soon come face-to-face with his most intractable adversary - himself. Suspenseful, darkly atmospheric, psychologically gripping, The Troubled Man is certain to be celebrated by readers and critics alike. Mankell has announced that it is the final Wallander novelMankell has announced that it is the final Wallander novel.

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