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    Celebrating the green

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    With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, if staying in with a good book or DVD is more your style than drinking green beer (or if you’re between green pints and in the mood for a diversion), read on!

    Shadowstory by Jennifer Johnston

    A compelling novel of complicated love, from one of Ireland's greatest living writers.

    It is the Second World War, and tragedy strikes many families in Ireland. But it is also a thrilling time in which to be a child and Polly, spending months at her grandparents' house by the sea, barely notices the adults' grief and their efforts to escape the tyranny of religion and family expectation. However, in time Polly too will have a secret. No one else knows the location of her beloved uncle, Sam, barely older than Polly herself, who is meant to be in Cambridge but is dreaming of Communist Cuba, while his decimated family fears losing another son. And, as Polly shyly approaches womanhood, her love for Sam turns into something more explosive.

    The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney

    A "New York Times"-bestselling author weaves an absorbing tale of lasting love, dangerous risk, and the healing power of redemption. Brimming with fascinating Irish history, daring intrigue, and the drama of legendary love, "The Last Storyteller" is an unforgettable novel as richly textured and inspiring as Ireland itself.

    Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan

    In Sheehan's spellbinding latest (after Lost Found), former lawyer Anna O'Shea becomes a time-traveling ex-wife when she returns from a vacation in Ireland and is enlisted to pick up her brother Patrick's son from jail in Newark after Patrick is severely injured in a car accident. Anna retrieves troublesome 16-year-old Joe and sets him up at her home, then wakes in the middle of the night to find him rummaging through her luggage. Joe's intrigued by a mysterious swath of cloth Anna picked up at a tourist trap, and when she tries to take it from him, the two are zapped back 164 years to prepotato famine Ireland. Sheehan vividly depicts Irish-British conflicts as Anna becomes involved with an Irish smuggler's group and falls for a rebel cartographer. Equally compelling is Joe's experience as a wrestling champ and his romance with sparky lass Taleen. Throw in loyal Irish wolfhound Madigan, and you've got an altogether enjoyable romantic adventure yarn with a heavy helping of magic.

    The Story of the Leprechaun by Katherine Tegen

    In this original tale about a shoemaking leprechaun and a greedy man named Tim, the reason behind why Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of rainbows is revealed. Full color

    Celebrating the green [videorecording (DVD)] : the history of St. Patrick's Day


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