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    Fiction Hunters at Crowfoot

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    Hunting for your next fiction read can be like hunting for lost treasure! But there ARE secrets of the Fiction Hunters' trade and we are willing to spill the beans...

    For example:

    ...if you liked Wolf Hall, might also enjoy Mistress of the Art of Death

    ...or even The Enchantress of Florence

    Learn how to find read-alikes, even those that you may not at first expect, and see the reasoning behind the recommendation. These suggestions came from Novelist Plus, a fantastic database in our E-Library (and now Novelist content is available right in our catalogue for most book records), but there are other great ways to hunt down some good fiction.

    If you're an avid reader, you've probably had those moments... you NEED a book to read, but you've run out of books by your latest favourite author(s), or are waiting for the next installment in a series... (or a few series...)

    Don't panic. There are ways to find your next great read, and our expert library staff would like to share them with you! Whether you read across all fiction genres or have very specific tastes, we'll find something for you.

    Learn about the great resources available to you (at home or anywhere you connect to the internet) through our E-Library or in person at your local branch, and let the hunting begin... We'll also be sharing some of the best books just released this fall.

    Become an expert Fiction Hunter-- register now! And join us at Crowfoot library on Saturday, September 22nd at 2pm.


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