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    Seasonal Staff Picks

    by Sonya - 0 Comment(s)

    If you're in the mood for a seasonal novel, try one that comes with the "read and enjoyed" stamp of approval from our staff! Here are the ones we've enjoyed the most. Season's Greetings!

    I am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley

    This is the fourth installment in Bradley’s excellent mystery series featuring young sleuth and chemist Flavia de Luce. You’ll find Flavia at Buckshaw, where her family home has been taken over, at Christmastime, by an eccentric film crew teeming with dark secrets and hidden relationships. When someone turns up murdered while the entire crew (and most of the inhabitants of Bishop’s Lacey) are snowed in, Flavia sees that it’s obviously up to her to set the police on the right track. Of course, some may see her actions as tampering with evidence and hindering an investigation, but she’s not too easy to shut out of the proceedings. And entirely aside from the murder investigation, there is the burning mystery of the existence of Father Christmas to be solved, once and for all, through a process of scientific enquiry-slash-chemical experimentation. Don’t miss this latest in Flavia’s series; it’s as good as the first three in the series, or perhaps better, and a Christmas read like no other. And if you like Audiobooks, the CD with Jayne Entwistle reading is excellent--although an accomplished actress and reader, her voice is a perfect fit for 11 year old Flavia. This one's also available on Overdrive as both a WMA audio e-book (same reader) and an Adobe EPub ebook.

    The Walnut Tree: A Holiday Tale by Charles Todd

    Lady Elspeth Douglas is caught in the chaos when World War I begins and, as a woman with a mind of her own, becomes a battlefield nurse. This is a tale of danger, loss and love as the war that was supposed to be over by Christmas looks to be never-ending. I have loved all the books written by this mother and son team, and this is another winner.

    This title is also on order in large print.

    Icelander: an Emily Bean mystery by Dustin Long

    Nothing says Christmas like a manic, Chinese-box style mystery that takes place in an Iceland that isn’t really Iceland. Put on your long-johns and mitts and dive into the intricate layers of “a Nabokovian goof on Agatha Christie”. Winter is a ridiculous time that can make us all, necessarily, a bit crazy. This book is a whole lot of crazy. You’ll feel better.

    Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

    When Luther and Nora Krank’s daughter decides not to go home for Christmas, they decide to skip all the commercialism of Christmas and go on a cruise leaving Christmas Day. This does not sit well with the neighbours especially the one who sees himself as the Christmas police, ensuring that all the neighbours for example put a Frosty on their roofs to win a competition. On Christmas Eve day, the Kranks daughter tells her parents she in on her way home and bringing her new fiancé to share in all of their wonderful Christmas traditions. Chaos, confusion and laughter follow the phone call as the Kranks decide what to do.

    Find this on Overdrive both as an Adobe Epub ebook and as a WMA audiobook. It's also available in large print.


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