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    Summer. Read. Week Two!

    Summer. Read. Week Two!

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    Most adults think of play as something only children do, but it’s important to recognize that we all play in some way or another!

    What does play mean to you? Whether it’s throwing a frisbee to your dog, kayaking down the Bow or playing chess at the Central library downtown, playing is an important part of everyone’s life and it can provide much needed physical and mental exercise. Isn’t exercise more fun when you’re playing? The Calgary Public library has as many books about play as there are games to play, so come on in or peruse our website for a variety of options.

    Get your hands dirty and play in one of our new Encana sponsored community gardens at the Southwood and Forest Lawn libraries. If gardening is your thing, the library has hundreds of books and resources to help you plant and maintain a healthy looking garden all summer.

    Others like to play in the kitchen. Take a look at the thousands of cookbooks to suit all levels from novice to master chef.

    To some, the world is their playground, take a look at our travel collection for guidebooks and travel stories for your next “playcation”.

    So join the Calgary Public Library for a 9-week summer reading adventure. Each week we're diving into a new theme: explore, play, imagine, create, live, laugh, learn, grow and… be. Together we’ll discover new books that will keep you reading all summer. We’ll post information about the weekly theme every Wednesday here on our Readers’ Nook blog and on our Facebook page. When you comment on our Summer.Read. Facebook posts, and tell us what books or DVDs or CDs (etc!) you’ve been enjoying, you’ll also be entered to win great prizes. (CPL tote bags and Kobo Readers!) You can also enter by picking up a paper ballot at your local library.


    Zen Gardening

    Discover India

    Leiths Simple Cookery

    Basketball: Steps to Success

    by Hal Wissel

    Zen Gardening

    by Sunniva Harte

    Lonely Planet's: Discover India

    Leiths Simple Cookery

    by Viv Pidgeon & Jenny Stringer


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